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Yes, I have plenty of stuff I should be doing right now... but I'm not. I think I degenerated four years, or something. I'm back to memes and cutesy phonetic spellings. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN MY BRAIN

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Almost completely unrelated, but I think that "Barbie Girl", when played like this, is actually a decent song. I never really hated the style or anything, I just hate that song because of what it was back in like... first grade. DAMN. (Because, honestly, Aqua's "Dr. Jones" is awesome. I WONDER WHY)
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Hahaha, meme:

LOL. 20x"fuck", 9x"crap", 5x"shit", 4x"hell", 3x"puke", 2x"murder", 1x"drugs"


Oh geez.

Anyway... The internet has been totally crapping out on my today, I couldn't do anything. =( I watched the first half of Lawrence of Arabia, which is a pretty good movie, even though I was only watching it so I could go "OMG SPAIN I'VE BEEN THERE LOLNABOO" and hoping it would give off vague Indy feelings because I AM DESPERATE FOR SOME ADVENTURE MOVIE HERE, FOLKS. What am I going to do? I watched all three Indys, I watched Tomb Raider, and Tomb Raider II sucks ass (but is now no longer in the library anyhow), and apparently nobody wants to watch The Mummy Returns, and I'm pretty sure by now that the library just doesn't have The Mummy (what). Also, no V for Vendetta, or, like, ANYTHING I WANT TO WATCH. Which I think I've run out of anyhow. So... suggestions? If you were on an AKSHUN ADVENCHUH binge, what would you watch?

Okay, all you peeps tell me posts are too long. Well poopy on you, I like to talk at a faceless audience. Let's agree it's better than talking your ear off, y/y? In general I'm a pretty quiet person and I like to keep track of what my thoughts are. So if you don't want to read them fine, but I do like to know when you have interest. =(

So, in the essence of keeping EPIC POSTS to a minimum, I'm going to add a little from the "I forgot to post this!" month's worth of back-up into daily posts. kk? kk. (Man, my internal narration is stuck on sugary neko idiocy or something. LULZ INTELLIGENT LOLCATS AUGH) Riiiight... So.

In the essence of clearing out my HUMONGOUS backlog of notes from my cellular device, here are some things I've been meaning to post:

WHAT IS WITH MY LIFE AND FLAMING GUYS WHO LOOK LIKE JMAC. Other than Jacob himself, I have now met TWO FLAMINGLY GAY MEN who look like him. My life is like the Twlight Zone of evil twins. (Who, you ask? One of them was from Southwind, which is like the black hole of the Twilight Zone. I have met more lookalikes there than anywhere else in my entire life. The other one was here at Chaminade, he helped with orientation stuff. I don't know if he's gay but he sure as hell was flaming.)

I have some completely indecipherable notes, too. Such as, January 18, 8:01 pm: "Slushies paranoia tan". Obviously I was trying to remind/focus on three different topics, but what the hell? Perhaps I was celebrating the fact that the 7/11 down the street has MOUNTAIN DEW SLUSHIES! =D And also Sierra Mist Holiday Hawk slushies, I don't remember what that flavor was, Cranberry Splash or something? Anyhoom.

Damnit, I don't want to do this right now. Fine, fine, fine. Tomorrow, I'm going to EPIC POST and if I don't you can harass me until I do so I quit talking about it and post something for my parents to read.

Also, I am super excited for my hat to come. It cannot come soon enough and I'm hoping to death it comes in time for IJ4, but that would be seriously pushing it. BLAWRAUGH. (wtf?)

92 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: I think it would have been better off named Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, which was the rumored title. That's not exactly trivia, is it, though? I dunno, do you guys want some pictures or anything? Hmm. How about some personal trivia? The only SINGLE fanfic I ever wrote (and finished about one chapter of, grand total) was Indiana Jones. This was many years ago, when I first discovered Indiana Jones and the wonderousness of the internet to include places like which had not only Indiana Jones, but marching band stories! However, I quickly learned not to touch fanfic with a two hundred foot pole. That place is... euch. Puke-inducing. Not only that, but I realized reading fanfic and everything often fucked up my perception of the actual characters for a good long time. SO, I swore it off and the only stuff I read anymore is the marching band stuff (there's nothing to ruin there, and somehow it DOESN'T get real nasty because it's based in real life... I mean wtf, inorite?! It's marching band, it's supposed to be terribly perverted. Obviously this displays my beliefs that bandies, though they make the sickest in-jokes, also are very mature. Okay, scratch that. Know WHEN maturity is needed. ANYWAY TANGENT) and my friend's stuff (which is all Indiana Jones because believe it or not it's a much more mature fabase... but I can see that changing already *sadface*), and my friends update about once in a gajillion years, so that's not a huge problem.

Anyway, my original point was the single chapter I ever wrote; I got a good start and then I just had nowhere to take the plot. Anyway, you're probably asking me why the hell am I telling you this? Because I am so awesome that Indy went to the Mayan pyramids and Marion came back. YES THAT'S RIGHT. That's just a hint of why I'm so excited for this movie. However, I went with Nazis (because it wasn't 1957) and they were going after a completely made-up cult based ridiculously on English fairy folklore and Jewish History classes and my own imagination. (Oh yes.)

So, I am very proud/excited for this movie. I am also pretty sure that I'm going to keep that stuff buried forever because I really don't like fanfic. Not that I'm saying everyone should, I just tend to only read the good stuff, and I forget which the real characterization is. Kind of like why I don't really like the Harry Potter movies and I refuse to see the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

Um, and if you don't think that's a fair fact, be sure to tell me and I can oh what the heck here's another one for free. It's "legitimate", too! The guy in Raiders who has an eye patch and rides a motorcycle and has the monkey is also the guy at the beginning with the weird hat who gets shot with darts. (Not character-wise, I mean, the actor.) w000000t

Also, I think it would be hilarious if there were some meme-defense to Godwin's Law that was some sort of reverse Godwin's Law where YOU SAID NAZIS, NOW THERE MUST BE INDIANA JONES.

Yeah... I'm probably crazy.


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