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Yeah, so, an ear infection would definitely be causing the pain I get every time I yawn. That makes sense. Now for it to go away...

Unfortunately I wonder if this is my fault for not finishing the penicillin for my sinus infection; if so, I feel really bad because I feel like there might have been room for it to build up a resistance? I sure hope not. Anyway, this just proves that sinus infections suck ass. I was sick from pretty much halfway through November until now. How it went, and how it usually goes is, pain first (I had two or so weeks of painful headaches/mini-migraines, and wanting to drink lots of caffiene so they'd go away), then the sinus pressure goes away and I got the "sick" part of it, aka the coughing, hacking, wheezing, running nose, et cetera. Well, the coughing is mostly gone (yay inhaler--with counter) and my nose is still running like a madman. And my ears were a bit sensitive to pressure changes on the flights last weekend, but I assumed it was just because my nasal cavity was all blocked up... Which I'm guessing, no, it was just aggravating the sinus infection that spread to my ear. FANtastic. Though whether the infection was just dogged on by the flights and the weather out in Wyoming, I don't know, but I sure as hell know now that my ear is unadjusted and popping every time I yawn and it HURTS LIKE FUCK.

You know, I think the last time I got an ear infection was second grade or so. Huh. (Laura used to get them all the time in grade school, and I used to get strep throat all the time. Then one year, we both randomly got the other around the same time. Weird.)

Well, now that I'm done with that, OH MY GOD MY DAD BOUGHT A PICCOLO TRUMPET :D Seriously, I am excited. I do not even have a reason to play it (until Christmas mass next year, possibly). But I mean--A PIC! Damn I am excited.

I have some links but currently I am not in the mood to post them. Fmeh.

Oh, the good news as well is that I will probably be doing some trivia games on Tuesdays when we don't have Girl Scouts, because exec board got moved to Wednesday--so feel free to hit me up with all the useless trivia you can muster. (Or just your favorites, doesn't matter much to me.)

[EDIT] Added title. I need to remember to do that more often. I used to be in a fairly good habit of it and suddenly, somehow, I've fallen out of it. I figure I can add that to my list of resolutions along with "sleep in less often". Particularly since I have no 8 ams anymore. (YAY) Oh, and the title refers to the last time I had tons of sinus pain and had to flew, which was on the way back from Spain. I pretty much got no sleep because my ears were KILLING ME. But I think that was just a sinus infection and not an ear infection, as I don't remember having all these ear problems, just a cold.


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