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Yeah, so, an ear infection would definitely be causing the pain I get every time I yawn. That makes sense. Now for it to go away...

Unfortunately I wonder if this is my fault for not finishing the penicillin for my sinus infection; if so, I feel really bad because I feel like there might have been room for it to build up a resistance? I sure hope not. Anyway, this just proves that sinus infections suck ass. I was sick from pretty much halfway through November until now. How it went, and how it usually goes is, pain first (I had two or so weeks of painful headaches/mini-migraines, and wanting to drink lots of caffiene so they'd go away), then the sinus pressure goes away and I got the "sick" part of it, aka the coughing, hacking, wheezing, running nose, et cetera. Well, the coughing is mostly gone (yay inhaler--with counter) and my nose is still running like a madman. And my ears were a bit sensitive to pressure changes on the flights last weekend, but I assumed it was just because my nasal cavity was all blocked up... Which I'm guessing, no, it was just aggravating the sinus infection that spread to my ear. FANtastic. Though whether the infection was just dogged on by the flights and the weather out in Wyoming, I don't know, but I sure as hell know now that my ear is unadjusted and popping every time I yawn and it HURTS LIKE FUCK.

You know, I think the last time I got an ear infection was second grade or so. Huh. (Laura used to get them all the time in grade school, and I used to get strep throat all the time. Then one year, we both randomly got the other around the same time. Weird.)

Well, now that I'm done with that, OH MY GOD MY DAD BOUGHT A PICCOLO TRUMPET :D Seriously, I am excited. I do not even have a reason to play it (until Christmas mass next year, possibly). But I mean--A PIC! Damn I am excited.

I have some links but currently I am not in the mood to post them. Fmeh.

Oh, the good news as well is that I will probably be doing some trivia games on Tuesdays when we don't have Girl Scouts, because exec board got moved to Wednesday--so feel free to hit me up with all the useless trivia you can muster. (Or just your favorites, doesn't matter much to me.)

[EDIT] Added title. I need to remember to do that more often. I used to be in a fairly good habit of it and suddenly, somehow, I've fallen out of it. I figure I can add that to my list of resolutions along with "sleep in less often". Particularly since I have no 8 ams anymore. (YAY) Oh, and the title refers to the last time I had tons of sinus pain and had to flew, which was on the way back from Spain. I pretty much got no sleep because my ears were KILLING ME. But I think that was just a sinus infection and not an ear infection, as I don't remember having all these ear problems, just a cold.
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Interestingly, I feel more guilt about taking only 15 credits this semester than I do a lot of other things. I mean, initially, I feel a lot of guilt about things, but I have the feeling this will hang around as one of those "regret" type things... Like after I graduate, I will find out there was some awesome few-credit course I should have taken but never heard about. =/ Oh well. I am too busy with corps stuff (I want to be superbamfready for the next camp--my legs are killing me), and I want to have some free time to finish moving, do my room, work on Phi Rho stuff, actually hang out with people, and maybe do stuff for the musical, who knows. OH, and finally meet with the art department and declare an art history minor. *whew*

Anyway, I'm too tired to talk about camp right now. All worn out from camp. Amazingly, my back does not really hurt, but my legs are frigging KILLING me.

So I took Frontier, and apparently the $15 flight insurance my dad got also got me "plus" status, so I could have boarded earlier, and I got a snack (usually $3) and a drink (...minus I'm not old enough, haha, but $2-$5) and the TV/movie access ($5.99). On the way there it was six in the frigging morning, and I didn't know ahead of time I got the movie, so I wasn't paying attention and the stewardess gave it to the guy sitting on the aisle. I was kind of mad later because I could have seen Eagle Eye essentially (to me) for free. And I guess because I was asleep, I didn't get a snack, either... I would have liked to have something to munch during my five-hour weight at the fucking Denver Whirl of Doom (aka, the Denver International Airport; trying to get into or out of it is like climbing into and out of a hole. I hate the design of it, god damn is it confusing). ANYWAY, on the way home I got to see The Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and I new going in it was going to be cheesy. One, Rachel Weisz dropped out as Evie; too bad, because I think she lended the character much more credibility than whoever is playing her now. Two, that link that showed up on cleolinda's journal ("if I knew there were going to be Yeti Field Goals, I would have seen this movie"). Yeah, by the previews (not that I was paying much attention to The Mummy III earlier this summer because Weisz dropped out--usually meaning the script will suck) I really had no idea there were going to be yetis, and a dragon, and a frog... bull... lizard... thing. (Seriously, what was that?) Okay, ALSO? WHO THE HELL MAKES A MOVIE SET IN CHINA AND THEN PUTS EUROPEAN DRAGONS IN IT. FUCK YOU. Would have been SO much more creepy if they'd used asian-styled dragons, FORTHELOVEOFGOD.

HOWEVER! Going into it knowing it was cheesy (I mean, think of how kinda-lame Mummy II was; valley of the what-what, right?), kind of along the lines of "this is somewhat along the lines of Temple of Doom sequelitis", it was extremely enjoyable. I liked it. Could have gone with a bit less interaction with the yetis, and obviously a different dragon, and the plot had some holes (a lot of misexplanations/lack of explanations/badly places exposition lines) a mile wide, but if you just sit back, laugh, and have fun with it, it was good. But maybe you have to be one of those people who grows into Temple of Doom first, I don't know. (I never really thought ToD was that bad anyhow, until I sat back and watched people bitch about it. But that was probably because I knew I still had one left in the series when I first watched it, and also when you're younger you don't give a shit as much about Cheese Factor. Oh, and the beginning kind of hooked me; I'm a sucker for musicals, what can I say.) SO ANYWAY, I LIKED IT AND I PLAN ON INVESTING IN IT since I already got the other two last Christmas.

I would say that the only thing that honestly turned me off of the movie was some of the cheesy lines, and the actor playing Alex. Not the we-lack-the-focus-to-properly-set-up-the-plot lines, but the ones that are supposed to be funny. I realize that these movies are kind of funny-movies, I mean for the love of god it's Brendan Fraser. (<3 George of the Jungle!) But those lines... like the ones they gave Jonathan... Yuck. Please, step back a little and realize those lines suck. (Or, director, your version of "delivering" sucks.) And the Alex character was way too suffering-from-sequelese-we-can't-get-anyone-decent-do-we've-got-some-random-guy-who-looks-like-Brad-Pitt. Bitch please. They kept Brendan Fraser, they kept the guy playing Jonathan, they got an awesome guy to play Mad Dog, they got a pretty good chica to play Evie, they got fucking JET LI AND MICHELLE YEOH, and this is the shit they got to play Alex-all-growed-up? Come on.

Also, Temple of Doom parallels kinda thick for my tastes, but at the same time made it more enjoyable. Lol, Shanghai nightclubs. What are you, a trope now? I hope not.

(Oh, also? Nights in Rodanthe looks like SHIT. Haha, I hate romantic bullshit like that... They totally made obx into something it's not and it looks DISGUSTING. If I am ever forced to watch that movie I will gag. I was watching the preiew decently until the woman like breaks down seeing wild horses actually running wild on the beach. TOO MUCH HORSES ARE NOT THAT COOL AND OBX IS NOT THAT EMPTY OF A VACATION SPOT SORRY GAME OVER.)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, uh, it was the summer and not the holidays, but we hit the airport flying out of Alaska (Gustavus?). Yes, we hit the airport. It was a tiny little two-strip runway with one main building (Delta and Alaska Airlines, or something like that--anyway, probably smaller than your average post office building) and a few shacks from small plane owners who flew for hunting trips and tours and that sort of thing. So anyway, we're on this medium-sized plane, backing out to fly out. (Oh, it was small enough you still got on the plane from a set of stairs on the runway... That was cool.) And I guess the pilot just wasn't paying attention, because the guy on the left wing was waving like mad, a lot of people on the plane were yelling (except mom and dad because they figured the pilot couldn't hear us through the door). Grandma and Grandpa were flipping the fuck out, let me tell you. Max and Kyle and Laura and I were just kind of bemused.

So anyway, the guy keeps going and clips a beam of the building with the tip of the wing. He broke probably a foot off the end of the wing and broke a good four or six foot section off the beam of the building. And it was one of those big, square beams, too, probably 1'x1' or 2'x2' or something like that. I don't remember exactly.

Anyway, so then we all had to unload, and we would have had to wait forever for them to get another plane in there, and Uncle Steve was desperate to get back because we had 50 pounds of frigging halibut in our luggage that was going to go bad. So we all marched our stuff over to one of the tiny shacks to see if the guy could fly us out to a larger airport, and we were going to have to leave some of the luggage behind because you only have so much weight per passenger (and we would be taking two small planes for the ten of us as it was), and I was incredibly pissed off because mom and dad and Uncle Steve were going to make me leave my bag here and take their fish for my weight instead. (And by this time, two weeks in Alaska, I was absolutely disgusted with halibut. And I haven't really eaten any since, either.) But eventually they got a plane that had been slightly larger than the one we crashed to some to that airport rather than going straight back to the continental US, (it was slightly out of the way, maybe flying out of Juneau or something? I can't remember) and we were all able to get on there and end up in Chicago or something, I don't remember exactly.

Anyway, that's the story of how we crashed a plane into an airport.


Jan. 9th, 2008 10:31 pm
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I do not have time to write about the complexities of what's happening in my brain right now but the summary is

=D D= !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS good news--don't have to friendslock, I created a separate journal for my family to read while I'm away. =) (username=hawaiianajones if you're interested... it will pretty much all be crossposted here, though. It will just be a "cleaner" version...haha)


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