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I'm home! Phew. I love car rides, but today was just... meh. I wasn't in the mood to read, and my computer battery died faster than I hoped it would (I was writing) and all afternoon I had a killer headache despite a large tea and a mountain dew later.

Watched Blue Hawaii with mom, it's not that bad. Some parts are awesome (like him singing the song to [holycrap] Hilo Hattie) but most of it is cheesy. The sad part? Looking at the backgrounds realizing HOLY CRAP THAT'S WAIKIKI AND INTERNATIONAL MARKETPLACE AND ALA MOANA BEACHPARK AND HANAUMA BAY ohmyfreakinggod. That place was so empty then, and it was just 1961! But a lot of the buildings (and, interestingly, trees!) are the same, there's just... asstons more now. =( Apparently, the drink Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957, too, even though this movie didn't come out until 1961, and Elvis gets, like, all the credit for making it popular. And I have to say, there's only a few decent songs in the movie. There are just too many "meh" songs. You can tell they made it to sell records and not to make a movie, so much.

OH MY HOLY HELL, Madison's new unis this year are HOT. They are so sharp, though white pants are still a million times better. But anyway, they have this antiquey-coat look in dark green with a white "undershirt" and a red tie and a red band on the hat. YAY FOR GOING BACK TO CLASSICS and also OW, OW! Probably a good thing I'm not marching this summer then? Haha. (What is this, reverse tour goggles? Lol.)

Although I think yesterday (?) was the first show of the summer and Blue Stars beat them by a point. Dammit! Scouts are supposed to be perpetually awesome and Blue Stars are supposed to be perpetually lame. =( I must have something to make fun of Caleb for! That kid, I swear. I hope he at least learns not to be a douche this summer. (I'm not going to cheer for him if I can help it. Just Tim.)
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Yay! I got to the airport fine, pretty much a whole hour early. I called a cab and the guy was really nice, he knew who the Flyers were and talked to me the whole way. =) Nice cabbies are a blessing on the earth, lol. So I wandered around the airport a little trying to figure out where I could meet my parents (had to aska security guard how to get downstairs to baggage claim--the escalator was closed off), and then sat around trying to figure out where they were coming in from. Around twelve I figured my best guess was O'Hare so I went and sat by the baggage claim and read some Douglas Adams. That man is a genius. Anyway, they showed up around two (they landed at 1:35) and we got the luggage and the rental car and found the condo-thingy and walked up and down Waikiki a little and then got dinner at Lulu's. They got rid of the Elviki! I'm kind of sad. I'm hoping they just moved them upstairs to the club or something. But still, Elviki is like perfect 50's kitsch. I got a Magnum PI burger, which is a bacon cheeseburger with guac. Not only is that sort of thing delicious I just kind of went "hee Indiana Jones" like you would expect me to, lol. I had a virgin pina colada (pretend there's a tilde on my "n"), actually the first since I've been here. I don't go out to eat that often but I just found out that there's a really good, pretty inexpensive greek place a block away! That is so taking over for Subway. Hummus/pita/kalamata olives? Oh hells yes. Anyway, I think I can tolerate pineapple more, but I still think straight up pineapple would be too strong for me. But the apple-pineapple juice they have at the caf that they soak the apples in isn't too bad. For desert we had something called the Foster's (or Frosters?), which was vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel topping with banana slices. Pretty good, though I'm not a huge fan of bananas in my ice cream. All in all a very Elvis meal.

Speaking of apples, the last few days when I've snacked on apples, it's aggravated this pain in my jaw. The pain is kind of throughought my jaw, but my ears feel tight, too (like they're on the verge of popping), and the other day my neck started hurting. Yesterday I kind of freaked for a moment because I thought it might be mono (there was an outbreak on campus), but I thought maybe just TMJ. But it definitely is painful and gives me little headaches and makes it difficult to sleep. I talked to mom and dad today though and they think I've either started grinding my teeth in my sleep (that would be a weird trigger, since I'm less stressed for once in my life) or that sleeping on the couch is too awkward for my neck, which is actually plausible but makes me kind of sad. So we'll have to see.

Oh, I forgot to post on Sunday that one of the guys living at IT (Timmen or Timmeh or something?) said that my skull ring was BA when I put it on. Lol. It's kind of funny but also awesome when guys comment on jewelry. =P

Let's see, otherwise... just two classes tomorrow and maybe uke lessons and I am done! Plus these classes are all fun... I love it here. Really.

63 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Woo! Today's trivia: Apparently Lucasfilm sort-of released a statement the other day that the diamond Indy goes after in ToD is the Peacock's Eye, a diamond he was after he was younger (which you can see in the YIJC). Everyone kind of guessed/suspected this because they looked the same, but it's a good chance that it's sort of a fanservice-afterthought. ;)

Ugh... I don't want to do lauuuundryyyy...

I haven't decided about the LJ strike tomorrow. I really don't think it will do much good, and since LJ seems to have posted an apology (though not very well), I will stick through to see what happens. I'm not really against the ads, I can see why they would have to add them, it's a business. I'm just very ticked off they didn't say anything, tried to hide it, and didn't use the resources in front of their faces. So... anyway. =/ If I do get internet in the condo (which will probably be better than wireless here?!), I will probably be posting. A strike seems kind of futile, though I could support some sort of movement for the cause.

Plus I have my dedication to my 100 days 100 posts... ;D Oh, silly, silly.

In the meantime, I have a brief assignment and some email inbox-clearing to attend to...

Just watched Legally Blonde again, too. It's actually pretty decent. I think a lot of stuff in movies went over my head when I was a kid, so I liked it but I didn't really get it or remember it all. But that could be a lie, even movies I love, if I give them some breathing space, I forget things about that I enjoy rediscovering. =)

[EDIT] Note to self: "strike" tags do not work in titles.
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I forgot, we totally learned about a English architect/designer in History of Furniture today called Inigo Jones. Walter was all "not Indiana Jones" and I just smiled to my dumb self because I was wearing my QC Dashing Hat shirt today. Hee. That can count to back up my 65-day post for today since it was sort of a double-post about the books. Yaaaayzors! (Which, um, has nothing to do with razors.) Unfortunately, he didn't do anything particularly interesting for me to like.

Also, the thought struck me that good spelling, besides having parents who throw around foreign words in both serious and stupid manner, is probably greatly aided by parents who talk with medical terminology all the time. You get to learn big words and crazy spellings and it's easy to find certain roots.

What does make me wonder is the people who put no effort into foreign words... they don't try to pronounce it, and it's even more confusing when it's phonetic and they don't try to learn how to spell it, either. I kind of lose a little respect for all the Dayton kids in my Hawaiian history classes who confuse all the names but don't put any effort into learning the differences. Yeah, I joke about them all being "K-something" too, but I do at least put in the effort to spell the names correctly even if I have trouble remembering who they are. Because to be honest, I do that with other histories, too. (Ask me in a year if I remember the difference between Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI and I'm pretty sure I will have forgotten most of what I'm learning in History of Furniture right now.)

However. Liliuokalani? Not that hard, people, growthefuckup.

Now French, that's another matter... =P

(I would love to know, from a person who's had to learn French and English as second languages and actually understands languages rather than memorizes them, which is more difficult. There is a good joke my dad has told about all the different sounds for "ough"--through, rough, trough, bough, and I know I'm missing at least one other really weird one...)

I forgot to say earlier that I'm excited for my final project in ceramics. I don't know what my second one will be, but for my first one I've had the idea for a while to do some sort of little shrine. I like the idea of a shrine, just a small note of holiness or sacredness in the middle of something else, sort of like the torii. (Which, incidentally, everyone here [like Waler, who I presume is Japanese] pronounces "tori-i" which I am often tempted to go back and tell Mrs. Steiritz she was pronouncing it wrong.) Anyway, the only problem is that our final projects need to show not only skill but thought and they can't be just some small simple things. Obviously one small shrine is not much to work with, and the only idea I had was that I am kind of fascinated with the idea of the evil eye, because stylistically it's a very beautiful thing, often. So I had the idea to do shrines to the five senses, which got me kind of excited. (Woo, concepts) So I have to figure out a way for them to "fit together" as it were, but I'm going to do five little boxy-shriney things and I have the basic ideas down. For sight, the evil eye, but everything painted on, so you have to use your vision to understand it. For taste, a cup that looks like a shrine, and probably something to do with the layout of the tastebuds. (That idea is kind of weak but I can't think of anything better.) For touch, a box that you can't see what's inside, but you can feel different surfaces and textures. For smell, a cool incense burner. (Got any good ideas on that one? I'd love to do a dragon but that's a bit stereotypical for my tastes.) And for sound, a box that will have a side that can be rubbed like one of those percussion things with the grooves, and chimes hanging inside, and I'm thinking about trying to make a whistle or something and putting it in the box, too.

Good thing is, I have a little more time to work out the design because I have to finish all the galzing with my current slab projects. ;D

[EDIT] Random thought, feel free to input if you know anything, I'm very curious; I like fonts, and I find it fascinating that there are so many ways to express the same number of symbols with it still being understandable. Because I mean, you look at some "g"s and they have the hook, while other ones have that whole loop underneath; and when I first learned cursive a "Q" looked kind of like a "Z", but now it looks like a "Q". (tangent: back to my thoughts about age and education--it's interesting to see older books and see how old and out-of-touch the information is to today. Which makes me wonder about any kids I have/will associate with... what ideas will I teach them that may be wrong, but I learned were right? Like PLUTO IS AN EFFING PLANET. [lol, I am already most defintiely in the Facebook group "when I was your age, Pluto was a planet"] I just think it's a curious thought.) ANYWAY, what about Chinese and Japanese and Korean and those type of languages where there are so many different symbols and every little mark matters? (What do their keyboards look like? I feel stupid and ignorant asking that question, but it's better to ask and show you want to learn, in my opinion, than wait until a later moment to prove you know nothing.) Do they have "fonts", so to speak? Would such stark differences like g's and Q's constitute different words? I mean, it seems like it should, to me, but I don't know any of those languages. I suppose I should ask Emi, she could at least tell me about Japanese.

I think I will do that, yes.

[EDIT2] I am slowly regaining control of my muscles. This is a good thing. (Specifically, upper arm/shoulders.)

Also, I've been forgetting to say that I have actually gained respect for Elvis, because he thought Scientology was a bunch of cultish nutters. And something else, which I'm sure I'll bring up another time, but anyway. Elvis is no longer haunting me, he's decent.

On the other hand, learning about WWII in history has been interesting. I did not know they did lots of nuclear testing on Christmas Island. Which, ah, makes me wonder how effective or whatever Jimmy Buffett's song is.
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Because my other post was rather concise.

--Elvis Presley buys Graceland
--The Cat in the Hat is published
--Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella is broadcast in color. (Ah memories...)
--IBM sells the first FORTRAN compiler. (This boggles my mind. At work I was learning FORTRAN, I wouldn't have thought it would have been around until the 80's. THINK HOW BIG THIS COMPUTER HAD TO BE.)
--John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet. (That's kind of crazy they know the date and all.)
--Sputnik launched (Wonder if this will relate to the movie? I rather like Sputnik.) (Additionally, Sputnik 2 also launched.)
--Damn, Elvis was busy. Two movies in one year? One was Jailhouse Rock. (I WILL CRY IF THEY PLAY ELVIS IN THIS MOVIE)
--oooooh, the laser was invented. =D
--Broadway debut of The Music Man
--first flight of Boeing 707
--Africanized bee accidentally released in Brazil (OOPS)
--LeVar Burton (He's that old?), Vanna White, Osama bin Laden, Spike Lee, Scott Adams, Stephen Fry, Dan Castellaneta, Donny Osmond born
--Humphrey Bogart, Walther Bothe, John von Neumann, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Joseph McCarthy (really? damn, I would have thought it was later) die

(source: Wiki)

Damn, the plastic flamingo article is really sparse. I need to find some sources. Did you know they are officially pronounced like "flaming-oh"? I didn't either, but we say it enough anyway it's not like it makes a difference in our house.

Hm... and now I think it's time for bed.
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Damn! I had a great idea for a Christmas song to write but I'm totally failing on the original inspiration.

This is going to take a lot of work. Research, and listening to a lot of music I'm already sick of, and a lot of writing.



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