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Because my other post was rather concise.

--Elvis Presley buys Graceland
--The Cat in the Hat is published
--Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella is broadcast in color. (Ah memories...)
--IBM sells the first FORTRAN compiler. (This boggles my mind. At work I was learning FORTRAN, I wouldn't have thought it would have been around until the 80's. THINK HOW BIG THIS COMPUTER HAD TO BE.)
--John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet. (That's kind of crazy they know the date and all.)
--Sputnik launched (Wonder if this will relate to the movie? I rather like Sputnik.) (Additionally, Sputnik 2 also launched.)
--Damn, Elvis was busy. Two movies in one year? One was Jailhouse Rock. (I WILL CRY IF THEY PLAY ELVIS IN THIS MOVIE)
--oooooh, the laser was invented. =D
--Broadway debut of The Music Man
--first flight of Boeing 707
--Africanized bee accidentally released in Brazil (OOPS)
--LeVar Burton (He's that old?), Vanna White, Osama bin Laden, Spike Lee, Scott Adams, Stephen Fry, Dan Castellaneta, Donny Osmond born
--Humphrey Bogart, Walther Bothe, John von Neumann, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Joseph McCarthy (really? damn, I would have thought it was later) die

(source: Wiki)

Damn, the plastic flamingo article is really sparse. I need to find some sources. Did you know they are officially pronounced like "flaming-oh"? I didn't either, but we say it enough anyway it's not like it makes a difference in our house.

Hm... and now I think it's time for bed.
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I'm cutting this one close. My bad...

82 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: The next movie is taking place in the year 1957... I'm hella excited. Why? Well, I was pretty much raised to be a '57 Chevy lover. Also, I love the kitsch of the 50's. That was the year pink flamingos were invented! <3

...I think I need a pink flamingo dressed up as Indiana Jones now.
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I can't believe I kept forgetting this! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the plastic lawn flamingo, though the original company closed last year and someone else bought the molds (and is making them).

They're kind of awesome. I think I may have already said this, but if I get a pair one will be named Phydeaux.

Also, re: 1957-- '57 Chevys, bitches.


Also the re-edited Young Indiana Jones dvds came out a few days ago. It's going on my Christmas List for sure.

So... yeah, that was 50 years ago. Scary. Makes me think back to my HOLY CRAP 10 YEARS AGO revelations. Gah.
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So, just read through some back entries. I have about a million "I'll post this soon!" posts. Come Christmas, or Hawaii (where I won't have band, or 12 hours of work a week, or tons of hard classes) I will actually get around to posting as many of those as I can. Some of them I have no idea what I was referring to, though. Also, the post I locked and talked about needing to curse but not liking to? FYI that changed this summer. One summer of drum corps gives you a very filthy mouth, especially when your rookie job is such related... ;) I still have that double-persona ability, and I keep it in check in the right places (99.99% of the time. Sometimes I slip, of course...), and... true to my blog... more on that later. ;)

So, yup! Finally changed my layout. The bright turquoise and green, while awesome, was kind of harsh on the eyes, and definitely attracted too much attention while trying to read stuff in class or whatever. (I mean... what?) It's also very appropriate to me being much more conscious of who I am, and that I am going to Hawaii. Hoo-rah!

[EDIT] One of my backposts is called "Phroyd" talking about psychoanalysis, where I was just being dumb and misspelling Freud more phonetically.

However. When I get my own lawn flamingos, I will name them Phydeaux and Phroyd in honor of Fuzzy (who was Phydeaux, before the vet didn't know how to pronounce it) and my dad (a testament to his weirdness that sometimes I feel like I inherited, but I suck at majorly).


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