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Well (since today's still "the 22nd" for me, because I haven't gone to bed yet), guess who just saw a movie five times in its opening month? Oh hell yeah. E];) I didn't even realize that it was exactly a month later, but do you know what that means? The second copy of the magazine also came out today! w00t w00t!

According to fandango, though, the movie's leaving theatres Thursday. I'm wondering how long it will take to get to dollar theatres. =/ I mean, it's definitely better to take a break in between, enough that I get distracted a little bit and then when I come back to watch it I forget the little things and get all excited again.

So from this viewing:
--Confirmed that Indy says both "Koioma" (the first time--no idea on the spelling) and "Kioma" the second time.
--Notcied Spalko says "nuclear" and says it correctly. Haha.
--Randomly noticed Marion is wearing a small silver locket. Aw.
--When Spalko gets assimilated at the end (I know, don't give me that look. But it's fun to call it that, so I am) her boots are left behind. Hee.
--I really really really really really love the whole scene from the train station to their escape to Indy's house. <3 Like hardcore.

Shoot, I think there was something else. Well no worries, we know I will never ever watch these movies again and therefore do not care, amirite?

Still my favorite line from this one:
"Woah." ..."WOAH!"


Okay, in all seriousness. We jammed some on the porch the night before we left, dad and Tucker (our house owner's "grandson") on guitar and me on uke. Well with my lovely skills I can play about five songs. Of course they all use the same five chords or so, haha... So, my repetoire:

Can't Help Falling in Love With You
Amazing Grace
Listen to the Ryhtm of the Falling Rain
Aloha Oe
Hawaiian War Chant
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World (Iz's arrangement)

Only three of which I can actually play by memory. I guess this needs some work. (I don't mind, my uke is purty.) So tonight right before I left I pulled up the uke chords for Margaritaville and plunked it out, it's not too hard. Though I always thought the line was "nothing to show but this brand new tattoo" rather than "nothing is sure but this brand new tattoo". I dunno. I still really wish I could find any sort of tabs whatsoever for Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On.

So... back to work, back to car-hunting, back to getting shit done for Phi Rho (ugh), back to hopefully doing something I want to get done this summer. Not like drum corps (YAY!) but like hanging out with people and actually doing something.

Blaaaaaaaaaaah. =/ How is it almost July?! This is crazygonuts. Maybe I won't do Carroll's band camp, that's going to suck up a lot of time...
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I'm home! Phew. I love car rides, but today was just... meh. I wasn't in the mood to read, and my computer battery died faster than I hoped it would (I was writing) and all afternoon I had a killer headache despite a large tea and a mountain dew later.

Watched Blue Hawaii with mom, it's not that bad. Some parts are awesome (like him singing the song to [holycrap] Hilo Hattie) but most of it is cheesy. The sad part? Looking at the backgrounds realizing HOLY CRAP THAT'S WAIKIKI AND INTERNATIONAL MARKETPLACE AND ALA MOANA BEACHPARK AND HANAUMA BAY ohmyfreakinggod. That place was so empty then, and it was just 1961! But a lot of the buildings (and, interestingly, trees!) are the same, there's just... asstons more now. =( Apparently, the drink Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957, too, even though this movie didn't come out until 1961, and Elvis gets, like, all the credit for making it popular. And I have to say, there's only a few decent songs in the movie. There are just too many "meh" songs. You can tell they made it to sell records and not to make a movie, so much.

OH MY HOLY HELL, Madison's new unis this year are HOT. They are so sharp, though white pants are still a million times better. But anyway, they have this antiquey-coat look in dark green with a white "undershirt" and a red tie and a red band on the hat. YAY FOR GOING BACK TO CLASSICS and also OW, OW! Probably a good thing I'm not marching this summer then? Haha. (What is this, reverse tour goggles? Lol.)

Although I think yesterday (?) was the first show of the summer and Blue Stars beat them by a point. Dammit! Scouts are supposed to be perpetually awesome and Blue Stars are supposed to be perpetually lame. =( I must have something to make fun of Caleb for! That kid, I swear. I hope he at least learns not to be a douche this summer. (I'm not going to cheer for him if I can help it. Just Tim.)
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We saw them tonight. =D

Let's see, Lara and Pat and Christina showed up around 7:30 and we all sat down and played Apples to Apples. A little bit before David was going to get here, we stopped for a pizza and tea break. David got here and we all chatted in the kitchen for a little bit, then resumed Apples to Apples. (Somehow, I dominated. Usually I have terrible luck with that game. [Ooooor I appreciate irony and cynicism significantly more than anyone else I've ever played with.]) After we played through most of the deck, Pat and Christina left because they had stuff to do, and David and Lara and I just hung out and chatted (and had some interesting conversatios, LOL).

Let me just say, the add-on decks for Apples to Apples? You can't just play that deck, you have to shuffle them in. 90% of the new cars are "_____ & _____" which gets annoying VERY quickly.

Anyway. Lara and David shuffled off around midnight, and Laura and I played some Guitar Hero while James passed out on the couch, and now here I am.

I am VERY excited for the beach next week =D And taking a break to work on some art and stuff.

Definitely going to be very busy tomorrow, though, I need to pack and clean the house and clean my room and clean my shoes and mow the lawn! BUT I will do it... And Saturday we will be in NORTH CAROLINA WOO WOO! Tortugas Lie here I come...

There is something about OBX I love... Maybe the smell... I love breezes. =) They are instant relaxation.

Hopefully I won't get motion-sick in the car. =( I used to be able to read in the car, no problem, but I've started feeling queasy even on short trips... =( =( =(
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omg siiiiiix daaaaaaays Welllll guess what, it rained again today! So I didn't get to take hat pics. But I did get the mood to play dress-up, still, so I ended up pulling together the pieces I have for my steampunk villain costume, dug some other pieces out to complete it, and took a few shots. I have to say, next time I need to get together with someone and actually take some good pics.

HOWEVER, DeviantArt is being a failure so they aren't posted right now, I'll let you know as soon as they are.

IN THE MEANTIME! I actually posted photos from spring break somewhere OTHER than facebook! So here we goooo, Raiders stuff from Kauai!

cut for teh huegness IN ALL ITS GLORY )

Let's see... I had some bizarre dreams last night, and I definitely slept in waaaaaaaaay too long. I did some mowing, though, and I found this really washed-up paper chain, fake flowers, and other stuff hanging in one of the decorative smaller tree-bushes, which definitely gave me a WTF for now. My parents told me James put it up for Laura on Valentine's Day (awww), but... lol. Since Valentine's Day? That's almost 100 days. (My 100 days countdown started then? Or no, it was 97 days and the first trailer came out? I can't remember.) In the meantime I was having fun trying to come up with interesting theories, and my favorite was that one of those giant balloon baskets had been released with helium and popped, and nobody had noticed.

I actually got on the treadmill and did my OKgo workout, too! It was ROUGH, but I really need to keep it up. =) However, my good running shoes are being shipped home, so I had to dig out my old silver shoes, which are not at all meant for running. I could feel it because I almost slipped twice on the treadmill and my ankles and knees were killing me. I wonder if it was part of the cause of my hip problems before? I really haven't had my hip pop in a while, which is a good thing.

Ooookay. Tomorrow I will be up earlier! Hopefully. =P

Tomorrow is BW3 trivia night, if I can convince some of the people I invited to actually go... =/ I don't really want to be hanging out at BW3's by myself at 10 pm.

Also, this weekend is the St. Brigid festival! YAY THRIFTING FOR PROP STUFF.
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Heeeeey, okay, I'm here and I'm posting! Here's what happened on Maui.

So Sunday was an amazing day. I had so much fun. I didn't get much sleep the night before because packing took a little bit longer than I expected but printing out my confirmation papers took WAY too long (installing printer drivers sucks, Windows Vista sucks more).

Soooo Sunday rolls around and I wake up at 4:00 so I can get to the airport on time to catch my flight. (My flight was super-early because the tour I was taking started at seven.) So I am tired because I didn't get much sleep and it's early, and I just grab a Nutrigrain Bar for breakfast. (Also, I have no idea when this happened, but I like poptarts and nutrigrain bars now. Maybe because last summer you're always just in the mood for sugar and salt no matter what, and I started getting those poptarts they had? I dunno.) Anyway so I try to sleep in the terminal but geez it was freakin cold in there! So finally the plane loads and we take off. You couldn't see much on my side of the plane but you could see Molokai as we came into Maui.

So I hop off the plane and it is just gorgeous outside. =D I managed to get there with only one bag, my backpack as a carryon, though it was kind of stuffed. They said it would be about an hour until the tour bus came to pick me up, so I just sit where they told me, waiting. I finally noticed there was an open Starbucks so I get a milk and a chocolate chip scone ($6!). The scone wasn't that good, it was really sweet. =/

Anyway the bus finally comes and I hop on and get situated, and the tour guide is really friendly. He has us introduce eachother and he introduces himself and he drives over to a gas station so we can all use the restroom and grab snacks before we get started. I made sure to grab a Mountain Dew because I knew I was going to get really tired. So also on the tour was a couple of ladies from Australia who were headed to Maui for a wedding (the tour guide kept saying he loved their accent), a newly engaged couple (from Montreal, though the guy was Italian; he was interesting, I couldn't tell if he was bossy or nice enough sometimes), an older couple from New Jersey (adorable), and a guy from France studying Japan. So the tour guide is just having a ball telling us that he does this every free day he has (he works 12-hour weekdays, and this is his fun) because he loves it so much, seeing the island, and passing on what little knowledge of his culture he knows. He sang a traditional chant and gave us all flowers (right side if you're single, left if you're married, like a wedding ring) and told us about growing up on Oahu and getting transferred to Molokai and growing up there and eventually moving to Maui. It was really cool to hear about all the stuff he did. I guess he was the first guy to surf on Molokai! Crazy. Anyway, he was super friendly, and we started our tour up Haleakala (house of the sun). On the way up we stopped at a Protea garden, which was really beautiful. Proteas can last something like up to three months in a vase with water and then if you let them dry they pretty much last forever. They were really gorgeous. So we got back on the road and something broke in the van that caused us to lose power and have a popping noise, so we pulled over and waited for another tour bus to come by from the company. We ended up hitching a ride on a bigger bus, which made me a little more nervous driving up to the summit. (While we were waiting we were in this forest that was absolutely amazing. Cool and smelled like eucalyptus or lavender or something.)

The road up Haleakala is sharp and winding and it is popular for tourists to ride down it on mountain bikes, so you always have to be watching out for them. Because of it's proximity to the water, it's the fastest climb of that altitude, being only 37 miles (if I recall correctly). It's also the... tallest? mountian in the world? Everest is the highest (IIRC, again) but because it is surrounded by a range its base is also higher, making Haleakala the tallest. Anyway, as you get up to the park, the trees lessen (and we saw one patch of sandalwood, which I thought was completely gone from the islands but I guess some was saved) and there are fewer and fewer plants. When you get up to the first visitor center there are lots of rocks and very few plants and they have some silverswords planted so you know what to look for. Silverswords are like permafrost; they are pretty rare and four ounces of weight in the area around them can kill them. They grow from two to fifty years and in that time only bloom once, then leave behind a skeleton. They are gorgeous though! The blooming season is around October, I think. Anyway at the top of Haleakala there is almost nothing, almost like you'd see if you imagined being on Mars. The dirt is really reddish black and there is pretty much nothing. You can look down into the pit (er, not the right term) of the volcano and see lots of cool things (which at the moment I have totally lost all the names of in my head). There are these smaller pits that are as tall as the Empire State Building (crazy!). Haleakala is an active volcano though it hasn't gone off since the 1790s, so the lava is more like dirt rather than the lava on the Big Island.

So after I took some pics of silverswords and got my National Parks passport stamped, we got a replacement smaller tour bus and drove up to the summit, which was pretty windy. It wasn't too cold, though. (There were a TON of silverswords up there, though.) Then we drove around to a back view of the pit again.

Oh, I almost forgot to say, up at the first station is also Science City, a set of buildings where only scientists can go (hence the name). It has something like 11 of the world's most powerful obseratories, and looked really wicked. =P

So it took us a while to get down but the driver (Thadd) told us more about the island and the history and stuff, like how Nenes (the state bird, sort of like a Canada goose) live on land and walk on the rocks and stuff (and lava rock is sharp/rough, let me tell you), but have webbed feet.

By then we are a little late for lunch (like noon/one maybe? and I haven't eaten since four) and I am falling asleep because the drive from the summit to lunch is a good hour plus. So I don't remember much after getting down the mountain.

Anyway, we pull into this shopping center with a food court, sort of a "world food" court. Thadd suggests a place that has the best "soup saiman" (sp?) (like ramen soup) that he has ever had, and since BBQ (Hawaiian bbq, let me tell you COMPLETELY different than Southern bbq which I am craving hard core [besdies bbq you know what I have been craving for months? Bread. And cheese. AND STRAWBERRIES HOLY CRAAAAAAP. {and El Toro salsa mmmm...}]right now) is something I can get on campus, I go for the soup saiman. DELICIOUS. It had shrimp, crab, pork/chicken/beef (something brown and pink, yes bright pink, I think it has to do with Vietnamese spices or pickeling or something) and possibly kalamari. The (supposedly) kalamari was done just right, not rubbery at all. And lots of veggies and the noodles were DELICIOUS. So now I have to find the restaurant "Ba Le" locally. It had all Vietnamese food even though it's labeled as a "French Bakery" and had SERIOUSLY GOOD BREAD. (They really did have a good bakery.) I had another huge thing of Mountain Dew, too.

So after that we head off to see Iao Valley and Iao Needle (the PC name... I'll leave you to look it up), which, let me tell you, Iao Valley is CRAZY gorgeous. It's walls are just so steep that you feel kind of trapped, but it's really cool. It becomes very obvious that Kamehameha's battle here that clogged the river with bodies so much it turned red is accurate. I really recommend it and I wish we'd had just a little more time there to explore and stuff (and I would love to go back and see if there is hiking there), but the Austrailian ladies had to get to another place and the rest of us were on our way somewhere else. Funnily enough, I didn't know we were still headed around to another coast, and I thought our tour was over. So I was very excited as we drove South and got to see Molokini and whales (TONS of whales surfacing and breaching even though whale season was like back in January!) and the gorgeous Southern shores. (Luckily earlier we had hit Haleakala with clear weather, but the clouds were rolling in as we left. Plus the tradewinds had been gone for the past few days and they'd been having vog problems, but I think they slowly came back over Sunday/Monday. It was still sort of sunny in Iao Valley but as we drove South it got sunnier.) So eventually we arrive in Lahaina and we have an hour to explore by ourselves. It is kind of like what Yellow Springs would be if they had the street festival every other weekend for tourists and it was on the ocean. There is a dock full of small tour bots (fishing, diving, everything) RIGHT THERE next to an old fort, in front of which is planted a GIGANTIC banyan tree. (Not the usual type of banyan you see here? I dunno, it's branches leaned out more than up.) All the art vendors were set up underneath it, and though they do this every other weekend it was a special weekend, celebrating the birthday of the tree. The tree was planted April 23rd back in the 1860s, I think. Very cool. So after checking out those artists and getting some gifts for people, I wandered around to the smaller stores around that central plaza seeing if I could find things for other people.

I walked into this little store selling jewelry on one side and world trade art stuff on the other (swords, blowguns, masks, jewelry, that sort of thing), and the lady noticed my shirt (QC Dashing Hat shirt) and said "oh only just a few more weeks!" and we got into this whole discussion of Crystal Skull and the crystal skulls and world travels and being Indy fans and she used to work at a resort as Indiana Joanna and it was awesome. So I got a picture with her and we exchanged addresses and it was tons of fun! That was the part that totally just made my day completely.

After that we headed back to the airport to drop off everyone left but me, and then to the Maui Seaside where I was staying.

Okay and now I just want to tell you a little more about Thadd the driver, because he made the tour, too. He is a total Hawaiian and when we first got in and he had us introduce ourselves he explained that he wanted us to be like a family for the day and that in order to get us more interested he would ask questions and give points and at the end of the day the winner would get a box of macnut chocolates. He was just so excited to be sharing his life with us, I really loved it. So at lunch we were talking and I was saying I was just traveling by myself, and he offered to let me sleep on his couch! It was so nice for him to offer even though UD was paying for my hotel and stuff. After that he offered to check up on me when I checked in and everything to make sure I found a good place to eat and offered to have his son drive the next day so I could get to a beach which was all really nice. I guess it sort of comes off as creepy or something explained like this, but he was just, I dunno, straight up Hawaiian. Maybe it just clicked because that is the sort of person I've always tried to be, I dunno. So I am calling him my Maui uncle (he's in my phone that way) and he said if we ever come back to Maui to call him up. And I said if he comes to Ohio he is more than welcome to couch surf there, too. =D

So, just between the beauty of the tour and my Maui uncle and Indiana Joanna, I really did have the best day ever. Though I crashed a little and I think maybe only the Mountain Dews and excitement kept me going, and hunting down souvenirs was a little frustrating and later after I eat dinner I will post about Monday and stuff (which is a whole different story).

But anyway, I love Maui.
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Hmm, today was one of those days you let yourself daydream a little too much and keeping yourself grounded in reality becomes a little painful.

HOWEVER, Indiana Jones makes everything better. =D (Yes, I will admit to being easily distracted.)

So yay I have to make up for my post yesterday, yeah? 30 days! ONE MONTH. This is getting ridiculous guys, ohmygod. Soooo exciteeeeed

Saw a preview for the BurgerKing marketing. FREAKING WEIRD. The BKing dressed up as Indiana Jones is just plain weird. Ugh. Those toys better be good quality because otherwise I really don't feel like putting up with BK for them. Fast food burger joints aren't really appealing to me anymore. (And I never liked BK's fries anyway...) Ah, here's the image, I'm not going to directly hotlink it.

Expedia is going to do an Indiana Jones promotion... Honestly right now I just want the suitcase. We can figure out about the promotion later. I'm wondering what it's going to be... especially since I couldn't use their booking services because I'm not 21 =/

Okay I already posted about the BW3's night. That's going to be awesome.

Hey! Some new images. And an article linking to the first review of a cut, which I am not going to look at and not going to link to because its appearance is the cue that I must now be on Spoiler Patrol. I really don't want this movie ruined for me like HP6's ending was, so, we'll just have to see how much exposure there is that will limit what I end up doing online. We shall see.

Hmm, that's good enough for now, I've been getting tired very early lately. Peace out.


Mar. 24th, 2008 10:34 pm
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Had a nice day today! Tried to sleep in, didn't really work what with the fam being up at the crack of dawn cooking and making noise and the wild roosters outside crowing like there's no tomorrow. BUT. We checked out a big waterfall and went to a beach on the South shore, and then had lunch at a very slow but delicious restaurant. I had a drink called a Volcano, which is apparently a virgin Lava Flow, but it's like a pina colada with strawberry (and whipped cream). Yum! I think because our food was so slow we were being so weird, plus we were separated from all the other patrons at a table (versus the bar) so we really had nothing inhibiting our strangeness. Savannah took my fork and wore it "as a dinglehopper" in her hair, and all the servers actually guessed it without any of us saying anything. Lol. But we did tip well so I didn't feel as bad.

Then we came back and my mom and dad and I went to a music festival sort of thing, where they invited people to play and people in the audience took mini courses (sort of) and played along for the concert portion. It was really nice, I picked up a strumming technique (because my real teacher is clueless), and this kid was only 17 but a slack key genius, so that was pretty neat.

59 days! and my internet is dropping off like crazy. dangit. So, I can't really check my other entries, and I can't recall if I've said this one before, but I'm not sure I have so I'm going to anyway. The Indiana Jones franchise is the reason there is a PG-13 rating and not just PG. For Raiders they had to add the flame in front of Belloq's face exploding, and when Temple rolled around they felt it was too dark and the other rating came through.

Augh, I hope I'm recalling that all correctly, stupid lack of internet access.

Band gets down to Disney tomorrow... I'm so jealous... =P
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Internet access! w00t

Yay Easter! Woke up early, cleaned the room, ran over to the park for the tiki necklace, went to church in the chapel, which was very nice. =)

Went to the airport, got on the plane, broke my tooth (again) to go with my cut foot. (It's just not my week)

But we're here now and it's nice. I will probably only get internet access like this very very late and very very weakly.

60 days! That's kind of mind-boggling. All the research I've done says that the scenes from Raiders were all filmed at Kipu falls and on that ranch, but a map my mom has has some other river and something else site listed, do we'll have to see how this all goes. In the meantime I have no links for you and the best news I can come up with is that I guess Shia LaBeouf is up for arrest or something? He was smoking where he shouldn't have and didn't show up for court or something, but I guess that means his lawyer didn't show up either, which I find kind of ridiculous. But anyway.

Yay Carroll is going to Disney tomorrow! I swear we left on a Sunday afternoon when we went and then got to MGM in the late morning/early afternoon the next day, Epcot on Tuesday and marching/Magic Kingdom, Wednesday. I guess maybe they're just a day behind? Anyway I plan to fully harass them all week especially tomorrow while they play the Long Bus Ride game. (Not that bad if you're having fun, but.)
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Sup folks! Living the surf life today, wonderful stuff. Slept in (though I got woken up by Laura and Savannah and my internal alarm around 6:30/7) and then we all got dressed and walked over to the local art show in the park (I guess it's a weekly thing?). There's some really nice stuff there. Laura and Sav got cow bone necklaces (decorated hook and octopus, respectively) from a Tongan guy, and mom got two stylized necklaces similar to Laura's (but not hooks) for Max and Kyle. I saw a tiki I liked but I held off because I wanted to show mom the shark pendant I saw in Haleiwa (provided it was still there). Laura and Sav got blockprint shirts (Sav got one with a Minoan octopus...? I find that just kind of strange that they're selling that design with all the Hawaiian ones) and dad was looking at some carvings of outriggers and stuff, and telling me about the brewing company he wants to start. *eyeroll* Last time we were here he wondered why there isn't any alcohol made from taro, and I did, too. But after learning that taro is considered the sibling (brother? I think) of all Hawaiians (even though the men ate it), I wonder if it might be sort of tabu? (Er, "taboo" in English) It just makes me a little uncomfortable. But he would be good at marketing it because he's already come up with a line of three labels and very punny (appropriately) names for them. So silly.

Afterward we ran off to the music store (mom and dad had originally expected me to get a nicer uke, so we were going to sell this one back and get a nicer one) and we got a BEAUTIFUL koa wood uke. Mmmm it's so gorgeous and I can't wait to play it! (It's staying in my dorm because I can't take it to Kauai.) Then we got in the car and headed up to Haleiwa for lunch at the shrimp shacks, which was delicious. (I got the Lemon & Butter shrimp from Giovanni's instead of the Scampi garlic one, and it was good too. Laura and Mom and Sav all got chili fries or vegetarian sloppy joe from Food for Thought which is an environmental place.) Then we went over to the little shopping area and mom and dad bought two Hawaiian CDs and I got the shark-hook necklace (and I think I'm going to go back tomorrow and buy the tiki with my own money). Then we went to Waimeia Bay which was GORGEOUS today. It kind of sprinkled all day, but the sun would peek through every once in a while, and the surf was SO GENTLE! It was ridiculous. So I jumped right in the water and just floated there... it was AMAZING. I could have floated there all day. Dad wanted to jump off the cliff so I ran back up to shore and we all did it, and later Lu and Sav and I did it again. The third time up I kind of slipped and cut my foot (a nice half-inch chunk) badly enough that I didn't want to aggravate it with a jump, so sadly I didn't. The salt water didn't bother it so I went out to float some more (guh... sooooo niiiiiiice... the sprinkling kept the beach and water mostly empty, and the not-deathly-waves meant you could just float and relax... and it was so clear!) but the tide was pulling at the skin flap and that rather hurt, so I hobbled in and mom determined the gray cloud (which had been hanging there the whole time) meant we should leave, so I veeeeeeery slowly walked my way over to the showers and changed, and of course by then the cloud had dissipated (as I knew it would) and it was sunny for the rest of the evening. But we drove east some more, all the way out to the PCC (just to burn some time... stopped at a Foodland for superglue [for my foot--ended up with Bandaid liquid bandages because they didn't have superglue] and Mountain Dew and cheese and crackers [Lu and Sav and I were craving cheese and crackers hard core]) and then turned around and came back to Haleiwa for Huli Huli chicken. We got the second to last chicken and pulled it apart between the four of us. Yum. Laura had been demanding Yamamoto shave-ice but they'd closed by 6:30 so we went next door to Aoki (which runs on Hawaiian time... "open by 'X' usually, closes up around 6:30, almost all the time"). Laura got her delicious (AUTHENTIC) Hawaiian shave-ice, Sav got... something... dad got authentic hard core Hawaiian shave ice (with ice cream and azuki beans--good with the coconut flavor he got), and mom got MacNut ice cream which I split and was delicious. I also got a holographic skull with flower sticker for something (my car I guess). Mom gave me the last bit of the cone and on the way out to the car I saw a cat and called over to it and it actually headed my way! So I petted it and gave it the ice cream, and it was ADORABLE and I miss my kitties. =( That's only the second cat that's let me pet it. (Oh, man, on the drive back to Haleiwa we got stuck in traffic on the North Shore [surprise], but it wasn't normal traffic--there was a seal on the beach! We couldn't tell if it was dead, it was just kind of lying there on its side roped off, and there wasn't anyone around it, which makes me think it was still alive, even though it was laying really awkwardly.)

So all in all a good day, and I shouldn't even have much pain from jumping this time. ;D (Feet/face broke the first one, hip/foot the second)

Plus I am excited to get the shark-hook and go back and buy the retro tiki myself. The art show also had these two geologist-teachers who now to jewelry with wire wrapping, and it's amazing. She took an ammonite and put a bluish opal on it, and then around it wrapped pearls and those rough shiny stones (I want to say begins with a "d" or "c") around them. Really beautiful contrast. She also had blue/dark opals backed by larger white pearls, which were GORGEOUS pieces. My other favorite was, surprisingly, my birthstone-- peridot wrapped backed by a lava rock. BEAUTIFUL. I think it helps I've been in a very purple+green mood lately (I guess trying to spread out from pink/turquoise? lol. That or there's just more market for those colors lately, which is likely).

Anyway, yay day! We have early mass and then going to Kauai tomorrow. I don't think we have internet access but I'll try to write a good journal and then just post it later (and also make up for the countdown days I'm missing, lol). orrr you know what I can post the countdowns from my phone...

60 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Woo! Ok, this isn't really trivia, it's just kind of stupid/silly. We were just watching some "horror" film called "Kraken" on SciFi, and it was really bad. Stereotypically bad, but not bad acting, per se. At any point, besides ending the movie just like a James Bond film (a specific one I'm currently not remembering, but it invoves undersea stuff and I'm 90% sure it's Roger Moore), they're going after some lame treasure (and an "opal" that is clearly and ridiculously obviously made out of glass) and the "good" treasure hunter says to the "bad" treasure hunter (who is in some kind of Greek mafia family, wears black, smokes cigars, and is in threat of being killed): "That treasure belongs in a museum!" And that's the point I knew the budget limitations of this film. 3D kraken? Not that bad. Script? Terrible.

Kk y'all... hopefully back to post for the rest of the week! If not happy easter and I'll be back with jungly/beachy adventures. ;D

(Also to all Carroll Band kids... have fun in Disney this week! I will be calling to harass you)
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so hot topic sells Indiana Jones stuff now... Also yay new phone!

[EDIT] Yay spring break! I posted this to make sure my phone set up was working, which it seems to be but might not be... stupid LJ. Anyway, I was done at noon today (may have skipped group uke, but I don't care), packed up my bags and adventured out with the fam! We went to the Fat Greek for lunch (OMG sparkling lemonade is actually delish) and then out to Kahala so mom and I could do the Verizon thing (I didn't know there was a Verizon store out by Ala Moana, oh well). Anyway, mom and I got our phones at the price I was looking for ($130 phone with $50 rebate and buy-one-get-one-free, so two $40 phones, yay!) and mom was okay with. Hooray! It's that Samsung one that flips both ways, and I LOVE it. There's a little learning curve for the menus and flipping back and forth, but having a qwerty pad is worth it, definitely. Plus there are no annoying buttons on the side that will cause your phone to take pictures of the depths of your pocket/purse, and though I haven't figured out a silence shortcut or clock shortcut yet, I'm sure I'll get it eventually. Plus I can take videos now! Ridic. I love it sooo much. *geekery*

I'm really sad though, I always make fun of everyone else because I take such good care of my electronics, and then I dropped it getting out of the car at the apartment and scuffed it. Damnit.

Oh, and dad bought me a bike, woo! So now gotta plan a ride around the island or something. <3 At least around Diamond Head, get some miles on my but for TOSRV.

I think I'm going to make a pink flamingo in ceramics for my mom and dad, too, but I need to figure out a way to arts it up.

We had dinner out by Ala Moana beach park and the Hilton at Cheeseburger Waikiki, which is this totally awesome tiki bar full of 40's kitsch. I LOVE IT. There was a cute tin that said "Koko-roons" and ukes with the bodies made out of two coconuts (I WANT ONE) and a kid's plastic uke, which has to be like a sopranino or something, lol.)

Dad wants to buy me a "real" Hawaiian uke, too, which means dropping like $300 for a koa wood uke. (It's always nice to have parents who enjoy the same things you do because they will spoil you. Just last week he bought a concert tuba, and now he's going to buy me a hard core uke! Sooo excited)

62 days until Indy IV! OMG SOOOO EXCITED! So, Hot Topic at Ala Moana had Indy IV shirts for $20. That is actually not bad at all, for Lucasfilm OR for Hot Topic. But seriously, I would not think Hot Topic would be the place that sold it. I mean when I first started shopping there at Fairfield Commons is was still really gothy/punky. Now there's goth and punk but they picked up the 80's tweenybopper hype and they have Pokemon and shit. GAAAAH. All the 90's stuff coming back scares the shit out of me, because I LIVED THROUGH IT AND IT IS A BRAINBLAST TO THINK THERE ARE KIDS ALMOST TEN YEARS OLD WHO HAVEN'T. I DO NOT LIKE THAT.

I also can't believe I'm almost 20. WUT. That's crazy.

Ok, excursions with the fam tomorrow. Peace out! =)


Mar. 19th, 2008 01:06 am
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I'm kind of nervous about getting to the airport tomorrow. I don't know where to meet them, and I think I'm going to have to take a cab because I don't even begin to have an idea of where to go on the bus, and I think I'd be late anyhow.

But I don't want to just skip out on meeting my parents at the airport, you know? I get nervous too easily. It's sort of a half paranoid half sugar hype nervousness. I'm just kind of nervous I won't be able to find the right place at the airport, since I don't know where I need to go, but I'm also just sort of restless. Um, which may have not been agitated by the fact I had a very good bottle of green tea, but it sure as hell fixed my headache problem for a little while.

Thankfully, watching PD makes me all fuzzy inside, hee. That show is too cute for words.

Not to mention, they have some of the best wordplay ever. Cleverness can often account for a good mood


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