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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, uh, it was the summer and not the holidays, but we hit the airport flying out of Alaska (Gustavus?). Yes, we hit the airport. It was a tiny little two-strip runway with one main building (Delta and Alaska Airlines, or something like that--anyway, probably smaller than your average post office building) and a few shacks from small plane owners who flew for hunting trips and tours and that sort of thing. So anyway, we're on this medium-sized plane, backing out to fly out. (Oh, it was small enough you still got on the plane from a set of stairs on the runway... That was cool.) And I guess the pilot just wasn't paying attention, because the guy on the left wing was waving like mad, a lot of people on the plane were yelling (except mom and dad because they figured the pilot couldn't hear us through the door). Grandma and Grandpa were flipping the fuck out, let me tell you. Max and Kyle and Laura and I were just kind of bemused.

So anyway, the guy keeps going and clips a beam of the building with the tip of the wing. He broke probably a foot off the end of the wing and broke a good four or six foot section off the beam of the building. And it was one of those big, square beams, too, probably 1'x1' or 2'x2' or something like that. I don't remember exactly.

Anyway, so then we all had to unload, and we would have had to wait forever for them to get another plane in there, and Uncle Steve was desperate to get back because we had 50 pounds of frigging halibut in our luggage that was going to go bad. So we all marched our stuff over to one of the tiny shacks to see if the guy could fly us out to a larger airport, and we were going to have to leave some of the luggage behind because you only have so much weight per passenger (and we would be taking two small planes for the ten of us as it was), and I was incredibly pissed off because mom and dad and Uncle Steve were going to make me leave my bag here and take their fish for my weight instead. (And by this time, two weeks in Alaska, I was absolutely disgusted with halibut. And I haven't really eaten any since, either.) But eventually they got a plane that had been slightly larger than the one we crashed to some to that airport rather than going straight back to the continental US, (it was slightly out of the way, maybe flying out of Juneau or something? I can't remember) and we were all able to get on there and end up in Chicago or something, I don't remember exactly.

Anyway, that's the story of how we crashed a plane into an airport.


Jan. 6th, 2008 11:57 pm
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Hah, so, the title of my last entry was "philosophetical" because I thought the entry was faintly philosophic and I like to make up words like that. (Lewis-Carroll-Jabberwockyish.) I googled it to see if it was a real word, and not only is it not, my journal entry is the first thing that comes up on google. Kind of scary! =D (Especially since my journal does not turn up very high at all on the list when you search for "mercat." It helps that it actually means something in Spanish and possibly Italian and Latin. Yeah.)

Also, I might (in fact, probably will) be friendslocking this in the next few days (what a hassle) because I'm going to set up blogs for my family so I can post to a community for them and stay in touch better in Hawaii.

For a going-away present Aunt Dawn and Uncle Steve and Kyle and Max got me an Off the Beaten Path: Hawaii book, which looks AWESOME. And then gramps said he wanted to come out to Hawaii and that we should go to New York over the summer. =^n.n^= I like talking to him when Grandma isn't there because then she isn't harping on him; not that it's bad, it just makes him appear older, I think, because it seems as though he's completely forgotten anything to say. Which he hasn't, he's just gotten slower, and I don't mind that. So I don't think I can go to New York to the IndyGear summit (omg, don't ask...), but I might be able to make it to the museum show. We shall see! =D <3
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Happy New Year! And happy eighth day of Christmas, and happy year of Indiana Jones! This is the year of the Rat (ish... it doesn't technically start until February 7th), and many "International Year of"s including potato. So, there you go. Also, it is a leap year, there will be summer olympics, and I will actually have to pay attention to politics (blech) so I can vote for president. (woo!)

So today for New Year's we had a much smaller-than-usual family get together, which was good because it is a lot of stress on Grandma. But, it's sort of her own undoing because she insists on cooking EVERYTHING. But since it's us and my grandparents and my cousins we also exchange Christmas gifts. Laura and I now have a PS2, two guitar controllers, Guitar Hero III, and DDR SuperNOVA2 with one pad. (The DDR music sucks. I am sad. But it's still fun! =D Yay) Also grandma got me a bunch of stuff from my wishlist... except she got it from my Amazon wishlist, and not my christmas list. So all the stuff I wanted so I could have it in Hawaii to listen to and read? ...Yeah. I didn't get any of it. And I was so excited for it, too! Bah. Well, this means I must run to the bookstore and the like. Also we have to buy a memory card for the Playstation *sigh* and I have to see if I can find a used copy of GH II, because it has a better music selection. And Trogdor.

Max and Kyle really like their travel bags, which was good. Good for both college and traveling. I can't believe Kyle's going to Argentina for a year! That's nuts.

At dinner Grandma had Petit Fours that said "PEACE/JOY/HAPPINESS" so we rearragned the letters to say weird things like "CHEAP/JOSE/PA PINEYS" and "CHEAP/JOSE/PAY PENIS". Yeah. =P We're weird. I still feel so bummed for Grandpa, though. He's just so slow... and Grandma talks so much that Grandpa can't respond fast enough. Part of that is that he's always been quieter and she talks for him. But... I still get sad. At least he's working out more now, which is good. But I don't know if he'll get his mental agility back. Mom got him a sudoku book, so maybe that would help. *sigh*

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night as well as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The former is good, the latter is undestandably a failure. Awesome Nautilus, awesome costumes, good actors... very bad plotline and storytelling. Just do not waste your time, unless you need some steampunk inspiration. That's about all it's good for.

I think I will let my resolutions wait until tomorrow again. Though DDR means it will be easier for me to get exercise! Now just to find not-shitty DDR songs. =/ (Seriously, there are like three techno songs on there. The rest are slightly-changed pop songs, and they SUCK. A LOT.) You know what, though? The pad is non-slip. Yay! Which means no ductaping. Hooraaaaay!

Anyway... yeah. =/ Life is interesting.

On the eighth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--Aqua/Indy techno,

bearded singing nuns,
tiny kittens miaowing,
Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry!

=D So, I came across that song the other day reading a forum post about "songs related to Indiana Jones." It sort of is, and though I hate Barbie Girl, I'm a sucker for techno. =)

Crap. I know I'll have more to post tomorrow. My brain's not working, I don't think... =/
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I'm in Lebanon testing txtLj! Golden Lamb was delicious. Dinner had fallopian tubes and "prey on the weakened." Edit to explain later =)

[THE EDIT] So, here's what happened. My family traditionally goes to The Golden Lamb Inn every year for Christmas dinner. We couldn't go at the date we had before because my sister had to work, so we went tonight. They got rid of the relish plate for some reason--but thank god! Pickle relish, nor corn relish, nor pickled watermelon rind have any sort of claim on my appetite. Yeuch. Well, we got there and they had "sea bass" on the menu, and all of a sudden I could hear a voice in my brain say "sea bass." Very monotone, a general guy's voice, no funny accents or anything. I new there was a visual that went with it but I couldn't think what, and the fact that I couldn't place any sort of accent on the 'sound bite' (as it were) were really throwing me off. I asked dad if it was involved in some Monty Python sketch I was forgetting, but that wasn't it. About halfway through our salads I FINALLY remembered it was from Austin Powers, when Number Two is telling Dr. Evil they couldn't get sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. =D I love those movies more than I probably should. (So right now I'm sort of doing a marathon, heeeee.) Well, I was right with the no accent part--Number Two is very monotone and whatnot. I also could only think of "agitated" and "angry" (the latter of which was in the title pre-edit) as the descriptors, but the movie puts them as "ill-tempered mutated sea bass." Well, I just like "ill-tempered" so that's what it shall be.

Then we were talking biology and fun stuff like balance and stuff, and Laura accidentally said "fallopian tubes" instead of "eustacian tubes." It was a good laugh. Later in the evening we were back to talking about Laura and school and college and stuff, and Grandma was kind of upset to hear about all the partying and stuff (we were joking about beer bongs, with dad, and directed at Grandma I believe... Laura was saying something sarcastic about getting her a bong to finish her coffee so we could leave, I think) and said, well, that's why you should go to UD. And mom and dad and Laura and I kind of laughed because, yeah, we all know. UD is a party school, face it. Even if it's a good Catholic Marianist college that will give you a good education. People still get drunk three nights a week. =/ Anyway, Laura responded sarcastically (as is her standard), "right, so I can pray on the weekends." And I'm not exactly sure how dad got there? We always make fun of Laura about being flirtatious with boys and stuff but he just commented on it as "prey on the weakened" and I had a good laugh.

And we found out James (Butler, her boyfriend) appreciates dad's humor, though Max and Kyle do not. So, he gets cool points in my book. =P (Man, when was the last time I mentioned cool points?!)

I'm kind of sad you can only do 160 characters with txtLJ--but at least it works! Now I know that I can pull off my resolution to post every day, if I decide to do that, and I would happen to not be able to post from a computer for a day. Whee!

Can you believe it's the 29th of December?! Where has '007 gone?!

So for the fifth day of Christmas I will post a FANTASTIC video I happened across by chance today. Someone gave Miss Shoup (my gradeschool music teacher, for anyone who doesn't know, which I think is most of you) a video of TSO's music that they had made. (Um, meaning, the one TSO had made.) Well, it looked dumb at first but then it involved TWO ADORABLE LITTLE KITTENS. AWWW <3 My dad and I were both just doing stuff at our computer and he said, "hey, that sounds like the guy that did Phantom." And I was thinking, what? A guy sang in Phantom Regiment? I had no idea what he was talking about and was thoroughly confused. AND THEN I LOOKED UP AND SAW MICHAEL CRAWFORD AND IT MADE MY DAY.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--CHRISTMASYYY MIIICHAEEEL CRAWFOOOOOORD!

(Or that could be "TSO Michael Crawford," too.)

Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry.

and then I found out Harrison Ford did or does pot occasionally and it made me very sad
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Yeah, so, went up to an art sale in Columbus (across the street from COSI--I forgot there was a kick ass japanese-styled brick building there, too, which it looks like they're refurbing, which is great--it reminds me a lot of House on the Rock, but redder) with my mom and grandma. Apparently my grandma's been kind of depressed about family issues recently, which isn't good, but it's also good to know I'm not the only one pissed off that my uncle. Heh.

So I have this massive yet pointless post sitting on the sidelines in my notebook waiting to be posted, but I felt like actually writing about what I did today (THE HORROR!).

So the art show was pretty fun, it was the same Ohio art guild or whatever that runs Winterfair, it's just that there were fewer of the fancy-expensive-art-dealers here today. But I saw this one lady's work-- clay vases and bowls, and damn, they were gorgeous. She had a blue and white and orange one on sale for $80... I'm hoping it's one of those atrocities no one wants and in a few years I can go back and claim it.

There was another potter (apparently that was the attractive medium of the day, lol) who my mom said goes to the Yellow Springs street festival, who had a gorgeous vase-y thing that looked like some sort of Oriental Shrine that was falling apart. I was thinking about buying it, since it was only $25, but I guess that chance has passed me by, for now.

Plus, college isn't really the place for fine art. =P Having the mask on my wall is pretty kick-ass, too. I think it makes it look like I'm actually trying to make my area look more planned, which I suppose it is, because I have a strange style in that manner.

But I ended up getting a handleless mug from another potter, because it looks faintly mesoamerican or asian, it's green and brown and swirly. =) Right now it's on my desk next to my Easter Islad bobblehead, holding some silk flowers and looking pretty.

So then we went to Katzingers... best deli in Columbus. Authentic Jewish Deli, and holy shit they have the best food. Seriously. After my amazing sandwich, I got New York style cheesecake and olive bread. DAMN, that stuff is fantastic.

So then we went back and I bought more food for my betta (freezedried bloodworms, yum!) and water conditioner, and petted the PetSmart kitties.

After that we ran over to Circuit City... I was just going to look at some cameras and see if I saw any good ones for around $200, but a service guy helped us out so I got a $200 Canon 6.0 MP with all sorts of nice MANUAL features, as well as automatic. I would have loved to have a 7 or 8 MP but those probably jump up in price a lot, and by the time I kill this camera like I killed my last one (it could have lasted so much longer! the lesson: buy a sturdier camera bag), I can afford a nicer one, mehbeh.

So next weekend I'm going to go back and get a camera case and a memory card (take a nice chunk out of my bank account... woo credit), and if I had a spare other $200 I could buy a watertight case for it so I could take it underwater! Lol.

Then we went to Target, and I got my coveted Mountain Dew. My mom bought me some "exotic" chocolate bars she thought I'd like. See, what happens is when my mom and I go to bead shows in Cincy we stop at Jungle Jim's on the way back and buy yummy foods, which generally involves a handful of strange chocolate bars with unique packaging so she can use the wrappers in her collage (of all chocolate wrappers). Well when she went shopping one time, she bought this really good one calles Wooloomooloo, which was all sorts of islandy stuff like coconut and macadamia nut. So she bought another one of those for me at Target, along with one called the Black Pearl, simply because it's called the Black pearl. It has ginger and wasabi and is pretty good. It's a little... burny... in the way that pepper is. (Oh man, we once had this great bar from Jungle Jim's that had rose pepper in it. Holy fuck that was great chocolate.)

Have I ever mentioned that my mom's a chocolate nut? She used to have this poster of a "chocolate moose" in the kitchen, which was a dripping, chocolate moose. Now she just has two others... one of desserts and then the Periodic Table of Desserts. (Yes, that said exactly what you think I said.)

BUT ALSO. I totally destroyed yet ANOTHER belt with the pants I have... so exCUSE me for trying to wear my pants above my goddamn pelvic bone! I actually need a damn belt to keep my pants up because y'all crackpots design them to hang off my ass and show off my nonexistant thong. RIIIIGHT. So I totally destroyed the belt that came with it a few weeks back, because it was fakey leather, and fabric, and was just ripping these gashes. So I switched to an older, but still plastic belt. It's double rows of pretty closely-spaced grommets, which is actually very nice. However, the plastic-leather around the grommets was ripping due to stress, so I duct-taped it. I like it, but my mom said it screams engineer and I have to agree. But hey, I knew I needed a new belt, I just didn't have access to a store. So now I have my Engineering Belt and my nicer belt.

Which, by the way. I swear to god I should just start shopping in the men's section of Target. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They have pants I like, shirts I like, pj's I like... and this time, what did I find? Belts, purses, and JEWELRY I liked. To hell with your women's clothing, I'm taking the goddamn men's stuff!

So I did. I bought a men's belt, leather, and I lurve it.



Also, I told my mom I liked some of the jewelry and a wallet. So yeah. I <3 Target Men's Section. (As for the other stuff... they generally have cargo pants [which I love], and I bought the base tees for our AP calc shirts from there, and then last Halloween I saw Creature From the Black Lagoon PJ pants. (By the way, if you're reading this and you've seen that movie, or other classic horror films like it, let me know. I'm always interested to know who's seen CLASSIC classics...ahemMarxBrothersahem)

So yes. <3 Men's clothings. And chocolate. And Mountain Dew, and my artsness.

Also, I hung up a poster here at school that I don't think anyone's ever seen, because throughout high school my room was always too messy and I don't think anyone's ever been in it. So, it's totally the dorkiest poster I own, I think. OK, no, it IS the dorkiest poster I own.

OH, and then there's the shirt! My mom ordered it for Christmas and it finally came! (, read the comic, click on "next," look at the right-hand column and click on "God wears a dashing hat")

So yeah, I had a pretty damn good day.

Oh, and I bought Jimmy Buffett's new album, too, so it's all good here.

Life is good, life is good. =^n.n^=

And only my dad would burn me a cd of Holst's Planets Suite when I asked, and put Disco Star Wars on the end. He's awesome like that. =P


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