Jan. 6th, 2008 11:57 pm
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Hah, so, the title of my last entry was "philosophetical" because I thought the entry was faintly philosophic and I like to make up words like that. (Lewis-Carroll-Jabberwockyish.) I googled it to see if it was a real word, and not only is it not, my journal entry is the first thing that comes up on google. Kind of scary! =D (Especially since my journal does not turn up very high at all on the list when you search for "mercat." It helps that it actually means something in Spanish and possibly Italian and Latin. Yeah.)

Also, I might (in fact, probably will) be friendslocking this in the next few days (what a hassle) because I'm going to set up blogs for my family so I can post to a community for them and stay in touch better in Hawaii.

For a going-away present Aunt Dawn and Uncle Steve and Kyle and Max got me an Off the Beaten Path: Hawaii book, which looks AWESOME. And then gramps said he wanted to come out to Hawaii and that we should go to New York over the summer. =^n.n^= I like talking to him when Grandma isn't there because then she isn't harping on him; not that it's bad, it just makes him appear older, I think, because it seems as though he's completely forgotten anything to say. Which he hasn't, he's just gotten slower, and I don't mind that. So I don't think I can go to New York to the IndyGear summit (omg, don't ask...), but I might be able to make it to the museum show. We shall see! =D <3


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