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oh my god, I'm actually not posting on tumblr or twitter or facebook! Actually, yes, I lied, I already posted this on facebook. But facebook is a horrible blogging platform though it is great for communicating with people.

So, if you like science jokes, here is the double-slit garage experiment, it is a thing of beauty.

Now cackle maniacally like the mad engineer you are. Oh, just me then? Alright.
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It is what life should be. Not "what life should be" but rather "what a life should be". If that makes sense.

What is that, e. e. cummings?

...waitaminit, there's an ultraportable joke in here somewhere.


Jul. 6th, 2008 08:20 pm
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Because like I really would be doing something productive today, right?

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked this list so hard it lj-cut itself )

There's also one about the only perfect football team ever, but I don't remember enough about the joke nor about football. Oh well. 1970-something Miami Dolphins or someother? Meh.
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I actually am working on writing a legitimate entry, but I wanted to get this down. I do not personally have any attachment to Chuck Norris, but I find the whole humor of Chuck Norris jokes to be absolutely fantastic. I just came across this one and I decided I need to keep track of (so I actually remember) my favorites. Like the Google one.

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite(s)...
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the best shaggy dog story in the history of jokes )

Ohhhh my god I can't believe I edited the whole thing for spacing issues and I'm anal retentive enough to go back and edit all the quotation marks, ellipses, and apostrphes because they're not the right font.

Otherwise, still feels very Twilight Zonish.


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