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I apologize.

I really want to get back to posting regularly, but at the moment the reason I am not doing so, is:

1) I spent the last week beating Portal 2, and

2) cleaning my room.

Once my room is finished and my computer is all organized, I will be back to posting more, I am sure. Now, if my lappy would stop misbehaving, please...

Also at some point I'm just going to have to because the 30th anniversary of Raiders is coming up in a little less than a month. A MONTH! I don't have time to plan that party...


Nov. 1st, 2010 11:53 pm
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Happy belated Halloween, everyone! You'd think with it being my favorite holiday and everything, that I would have a fantastic holiday post ready, but alas, I do not. I am too overwhelmed with school right now, and grad applications, and the fact that one of my friends has decided to be a drama queen and start stirring the shit. So. I will get some pics up of my costume eventually, but possibly not until I get some pro photos taken for my portfolio.

Oooof course I can't seem to celebrate a big Halloween without things going awry, so. I don't know, I'm so tired of all this shit, I need something different to come my way. Bleh.

In defense of free material boosting your sales, an interesting article on Monty Python's sales after posting videos on youtube. SALES INCREASED 23,000 PERCENT. TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND. (This guy had his comic posted to 4chan and it got him some good sales, too.)

Bomb squad diffuses box full of kittens. BEST BOMB EVER.

Anyway. Not doing NaNoWriMo, because, I think, I am not cut out to be a writer. I can write with other people, but I think I'm more of a 3d-design person. I try to write stories but they come out rather derivative. HOWEVER, I am going to do this 30 day challenge instead:

My middle name is Margaret. It is my mom's middle name and her mother's oldest sister, who died when she was only 20ish. I don't use it very much, because I rather like Diane. So, I don't really love or hate it. I considered taking Ursula as my confirmation name in 8th grade though so that my initials would be D.U.M.B. (Yet another example of why I was a strange kid.)

Also... I'm kind of ready for Christmas. Kind of. It got freezing this week, and I determined that I am of the opinion that the months of November and October should be switched. Something about Thanksgiving just seems like it should come before Halloween--it's about harvesting and all that, and the colors are so much warmer than Halloween; so it's odd that it comes first, almost.
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but yesterday was 42 Day, as in, the date (101010) is binary for 42. So we watched the Hitchhiker's Guide movie and made Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, which were awful, and I realized that it's very sad that Douglas Adams passed away during the movie's production because, despite wrapping things up nicely with Trillian and Arthur and Zaphod and the inspector or whoever she was, there were still threads hanging with Humma Kavula and Zaphod's extra head and arms.


In honor of that I would like to (re-share) this picture wherein someone had added the appropriate caption, "the ships hung in the sky in the much the same way that bricks don't."

And know you know exactly how that is.
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A rather disturbing state of political affairs. I just... yeah. There are no words.

Petri Dish cookies! If I ever have a mad science party, these will be involved.

Natalie Portman to star in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies! THIS CASTING IS PERFECT. Why? Because people already confuse her with Kiera Knightley already, and they are both awesome, AND SHE IS AWESOME, and they are GOING TO BE KILLING ZOMBIES. Heeeeeeee this cannot come out on dvd soon enough. Also...? I really want to see a zombie Christmas movie. It would be fantastical, I'm sure.

So, last night, instead of going to the POD Christmas party like I was planning, since Kim and Melissa and everyone else and I had had our Christmas dinner here at our apartment, and Melissa got Jon the Beatles Rock Band, we ended up going to the guys' house to play Beatles Rock Band. For four hours. In which time we beat the whole game and moved on to regular Rock Band. BUT. I got really excited because the game was pretty fun, and since Laura and I still need the drum and mike set for our GH, maybe I could find a RB compatible pack so I could buy the Queen Rock Band! Right? So I just did a little research... the Queen Rock Band that I saw at WalMart is apparently a 10-song disc. LAME AS FUCK. I mean, I realize Queen doesn't have maybe quite as many recognizable songs as the Beatles do, but ffs they didn't put Don't Stop Me Now on there! So I am not buying it. Poop.

Also, they put Tie Your Mother Down on there. Nobody loves that song.

ELTON JOHN IS ON GH5 THOUGH? That is amazing. I'm just waiting for some sort of Billy Joel version of RB... Obvs you don't really have guitar jams, but who knows, they made DJ Hero, maybe they can come up with something clever to be a piano/other instruments. (He has a lot of brass and sax parts... idk how that would work though without looking rather stupid.)

An internet safety code for the next generation. And yet they will still have the fabulous opportunity to fall prey to rickrolling and goatse. The internet really is a fabulous place, you know.

Calvin and Hobbes covered by different artists. Very cool. The first one's a little depressing though, no?


Aug. 27th, 2009 11:46 pm
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So I've really been avoiding LJ. I've just been kind of overwhelmed with real-life stuff and I don't have the time nor the inclination to go through the millions of pages of communities I've been following. So, sorry if I miss something =/ If it's important, let me know, I promise I'm actually around. For example, today I've been making sure facebook doesn't explode my inbox.

Anyway, so I'm going to have an exciting weekend. I wore wonderfully bright things today (and my Indy QC shirt) and then went to El Toro with mom and dad and Laura. Laura convinced me to get a pina colada but it was not really to my interest. So, so far things aren't looking good for my drinking self. Champagne is a no, mudslides are a no, pina coladas are a no. Wine is meh but I'd rather drink milk and mountain dew and sparkling grape juice to be honest... =/ Yeah, like I said, I'm just not that interested.

ANYWAY but Stebs is coming down from Indiana tomorrow & we are going to dinner with the roomies & Laura & Sav, then doing something (undetermined yet) on Saturday and then PARTY to which I invited all of facebook because I was lazy (which is actually kind of awkward) and then Sunday is dinner with the whole fam fam. Delicious summer spaghetti and cooorrrrnnnn and brownies, yum.

So classes are looking okay though my grad-level tech elective might get cancelled because there are only five of us and the teacher didn't even show up to the first day. Art history I'm kind of pissed at because we're doing prehistory but all European, Mediterranean, and Mesopotamian. =/ Why no Asian, southern African, or American?! Or Australian... really, anything.

Anyway. Might be back more this weekend or hopefully next week. woo

Also actually wanted to go to the gym today. Which is a good sign for wanting to stay fit :D Now the problem is finding easy but filling lunches... Salads are good but not filling enough, considering yesterday I thought I wanted to puke.

You know what is exciting, though? Besides my friends Matt and Riley who are both trumpets at Troopers, I also found out that Fred Morris shares our birthday! And always my dad, as well. We are so cool beans like that :D
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So the ghetto is amazingly quiet; there are only a few parties going on, with the requisite loud music, but nothing really rowdy. I guess that's because there is no study day before exams tomorrow, but still.

There was no one around the house tonight so I went over to Kim and Melissa's and they and Jon and Jerome and I all went to get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Now, I usually always get chocolate chip cookie dough when I go there (because it's the only place that it's any good) but I saw they had a brownie sundae and the brownie looked particularly delicious so I had to get it. I DID NOT KNOW THERE WERE SO MANY CHOICES IN GETTING A BROWNIE SUNDAE. Caramel or hot fudge?! What flavor of ice cream?! Whipped cream?! Nutes, sprinkles, oreos?! I mean really? I just went with straight up vanilla ice cream because I wasn't sure what else would go well and not over-choclify me (like New York Super Fudge Chunk would have), and then hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts. Yum. Oh, and plus, Ben & Jerry's FINALLY takes Flyer Express. Yay!

So after that we came back and Kim and Jerome went to bed because Kim had to work the desk at midnight, so Melissa and Jon (and Moeller, who we met up with in the hallway) walked back over to my house with me just to sit on the swing, and I grabbed my uke and proceeded to further maul the tips of my fingers. =) But it was fun just sitting and singing, though the guys didn't really sing at all...

But I did get some practice in on the new song I learned today, Only the Good Die Young, and also The Lumberjack Song. Also managed to find Edelweiss and The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) and then played the rest of the songs I know, Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, F.U.N. (yes that's from Spongebob), I'm a Believer, and Margaritaville (which I forgot to play). BUT Only the Good Die Young is a ton fo fun to play, and I'm getting decent at guessing the right chords that need to be switched in the tabs I find, though most of the songs in my range use C/F/G/Am chords. Curiously enough.

ANYWAY so my fingers are raw and I had fun singing and then we had this random creeper come up to us and stare at us and then say he likes to go around on Friday nights telling kids about Jesus, and we said we were good and realized we probably just should have kept on the Bale Out remix we had playing earlier.

Aaaaaand tomorrow is Write Two Papers Day and then Go To A Disney-Themed Costume Party. It's a "go as your favorite Disney character" theme, but I do not trust a hundred drunken people with my fedora. SO, I'm going as a pirate because I haven't dressed up as one in a while (!!!!) and I really want to. Need to run to Foy's to get an appropriate hat, might go thrifting for some more scarves or whatnot if I have the time.

Oh man, so, I watched The Fall last night, and it's such a confusing movie sometimes. I've watched it twice and I'm still not completely sure what's going on all the time. Like... hurr, the Italian bombsmith gets shot in the foot because he's the leg stunt guy. But I couldn't figure out what was going on with Darwin and Wallace, especially toward the end when Darwin says he'll tell everyone that Wallace was the real genius, but then I looked at the imdb for the movie and it says that it was referencing the fact that a guy named Wallace actually came up with the theory of evolution, and Darwin sort of preached it with him, but then because of a screw-up/misunderstanding in the printing/book credits, Darwin gets all the credit for Origin of the Species.

SO. Absolutely splendid movie, particularly if you like what the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been, or Baraka, or Lee Pace. Any of those things are a great reason to watch this movie.

...My fingers are really sore from playing. D:

OH MY GOD the weather today has been so nice. I was lamenting the fact that I was burning up around lunch, because I LOVE wearing jeans and my kneehighs, but then it was perfectly warm-and-cool this evening so it's okay.

Oh my god, and Judy retired today I will miss her so much. :C

Also, watching the fall, I had kind of a HURRRRR moment: they call them "movies" (as in moving pictures) like they called them talkies (as in movies with sound). It's like a whole new mind-bending mental concept/point-of-reference that I need to wrap my head around now. Er... I suppose "context" was the word I was looking for.

OH, OH, OHMYGOD, so that rickshaw kid, apparently he runs a rickshaw business in Chicago so he brought it from home and runs a little business here, too. We saw him drive these four guys down our street, looked like a good workout.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I like questions like these... I dunno why. =)

I want my body to go to as much use and as little waste as possible. Depending on all the circumstances (accidental, weird deaths, diseases, whatever) I want my body to either go to people who need it (i.e. organ donor) or to science if it can't be donated.

Then whatever remains I would want buried in one of the natural-death grounds, unless saying I was murdered and they would think they might need to exhume the body. But really I think a lot of those preservatives and the casket plastics and everything are just going to waste otherwise, because, really, who needs all that to be buried and forgotten? I would like some kind of memorial stone that wasn't blank, though, and preferrably some awesomely amazing epitaph, because epitaphs make any headstone instantly 100% cooler.

Then taking a note from my dad, I would want everyone to have a big party. Preferrably a massive Jimmy-Buffet-fied luau, something like that. You know, one of those parties where the songs are all sing-along-crowd-pleasers--you know, Margaritaville and Don't Stop Believin' and Bohemian Rhapsody, haha.

You know, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever heard any sort of thoughts like this from my mom. I remember my dad telling me when I was younger that when he is in a nursing home or whatever, he just wants us to blast drum corps and I swear he said he wants a model train running around for him to watch. And he said that when he died he wanted a big party.

The only thing I've heard is that I think my mom said she would want to be taken off life support if that's the only way she was staying alive, but I don't know if I would want to go off. I'm too afraid of dying.
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No school today. This is... amazing. I still have a lot to work on, but I least get a tiny break. It especially helps because last night I was freaking out because I couldn't get to any computer to finish my homework; I'd spent four hours in the lab and came home for dinner. Candice's computer died too (just last night), and Sarah was sick and already asleep and Brittany was using hers. So. I kind of had a meltdown about homework last night. (Just because it was one more thing on the pile, you know?)

Yeah, so. I've been in the lab for about three hours now, but that's okay, I'm getting things done and it's quiet. It's a bit odd in the sense that I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the building currently... But I like it that way.

It's very bright outside with all the snow, and I definitely was kind of blinded when I walked inside. BUT this is the kind of snow to have, I'm telling you. A foot or so of it, very kickable, and still pretty warm outside, enough that it would be very nice to be outside. Now if only I didn't have so much to do, correct? Yes.

BUT, a bunch of linkspam that has piled up a bit with my computer woes. (Ah, poo. I am no longer the only one in here. Someone else just walked in.)

The immortal jellyfish... Quite cool, really. I'm not very afraid of them being our next overlords because I'm pretty sure it's going to be some octopodian thing and I will ~freak the fuck out~

An adorable Barney and Robin background. I am very sad I don't have my laptop right now because it would most definitely be the desktop...

The Henchman's Helper? I'm not exactly sure what's going on here but I am intrigued.

"Milky Way over Mauna Kea" which should be more accurately titled "Milky Way over Haleakala". Haleakala is the volcano in the foreground. (Still active, though it hasn't erupted in such a long time they thought it was dead. Or is dormant the right word? I think dormant means it's active but not currently erupting...) Anyway, you can see Mauna Kea (part of the Big Island) poking through in the backgroud. It's cool to think I've been at this view, roughly... Damn I miss Hawaii. Holy crap though, look at all that light pollution... That makes me so sad, really.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I would say that this would be the only way I'd read the book, but I suspect that as much as I dislike it, it's noewhere near as bad as Wuthering Heights. So. I will only say that you just have to be aware of where zombies are coming at you from... (Now there's a lovely ending-a-sentence-with-a-preposition, as dislegal as it is.)

Green grafitti. Very cool stuff.

Business currently hiring; I would work for Google...

Well, you have to face it, regardless: the Mayans were very skilled with figuring out their calendar. And regardless of the outcome, I will be having a party. By the way, anyone know when the LHC is supposed to come back on?

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. I want to go there. Mechanics such as these mystify me... Sorry for that unintentional alliteration. (Worse than punning, methinks...)

Ah, so, back to work for me... And back to that tiki blog I found. Good stuff, that.

By the way, is anyone else excited for the Pink Panther movie, or am I the only one? (Tee-eye-double-guh-er.)
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So everyone's sitting at home doing homework and stuff, waiting for chapter to roll around. The wind was ridiculous and definitely keeping us entertained. I had to go get the pool off the fence for Baujan Field, and Brittany noticed all our neighbors across the street pointing and realized we had siding coming off. From Adela's room you could see St. Joe's losing shingles off the roof. At one point the gusts were so strong I thought they were going to blow the window-mounted AC right into the house. D:

So security is coming around telling everyone to stay inside (of course EVERYONE across the street from us is outside on their porches for hours; wtf?!), and sending out warnings through the system (so the house got five calls, one for each of us) and chapter gets cancelled. So we all go back to watching TV and gettin' shit done, and of course we're all busy and sort of worried about our workload etc. etc. Well, then the internet goes down and everyone goes fuck, well, what am I supposed to do now? So we all kind of do chores until the internet comes back.

BUT, the power goes out across campus. For us it flicks back on in I'd say less than half a second, and we continue to do homework and stuff. Word slowly travels across the ghetto and the rest of campus that the north side of Stonemill (us) is the only part of the Ghetto (and actually the Dark Side, too, but I don't know about the houses by Frericks) with power. The dorms don't have power, and the upper floors (like five and above in Marycrest) don't have water, either, because of pressure.

Eventually a whole bunch of girls (some Phi Rho, some pledging, some just engineers) come over to take showers and do homework, and as it's nearing ten or so Brittany comes downstairs super-excited and puts a Britney Spears song on the CD player, puts the speaker up to the window and BLASTS it. She decided she was going to wreak revenge upon our neighbors across the street for all their Thursday/Friday/Saturday late-night music, and eventually we find some good music and I burn a mix CD and stuff.

So then Candice gets word that the PMA house (in the middle of the Ghetto, mind you, sans power) is having a greenlight. (They have an old stoplight upstairs; when it's green, it's party time.) So of course we have to go over there, and the guys are there , and as we leave our house we notice the UD Police pull up right behind us. Well, we get over to the PMA house and they're actually partying and drinking and stuff. There are a few glowbracelets and the greenlight is actually the team lights from a green-team Nerf gun, and they are powering their music off the battery for the pep band bass guitar. So of course it is awesome and at this point everyone is getting sort of slap-happy and more people are getting word and actually coming to the greenlight. Candice and I figure since we have homework and worry that Brittany might have freaked out from the police that we should go back to our house. (After all, we were having a party, too!)

So as we get back to Stonemill we can tell we're no longer blasting music, but the house down the street has Christmas lights up. One porch and one tree with colored lights, and then the tree also has a blinking giant white star. We realize Danny and Mike and some of the other guys from that house are the ones who put some of it up, so we go down there and talk to them for a bit and then steal some of their lights for our house. Well, we get back to our house and Brittany and Christine were already having thoughts of Christmas lights and pull out the house's lights. Which is an entire shopping bag full of stuff. So we put the music back on and shove an extension cord through the window AC's opening and proceed to spend the next hour or so hanging up lights, taking photos, waving to passing cars, and talking to people on the street. A few guys (5th year MBAs, don't know their names) from our side of Stonemill come down to see what's going on after we're taking out bizillionth photo with my tripod. They had heard that since we are on the grid with the campus, which is all on a generator (or, I'm guessing, several) that all these houses with the lights were trying to suck power to get classes cancelled. I can't speak for the other houses but we tell them that we're just trying to give the Ghetto some light and make people smile. And seriously, by this time, the lights are ridiculous. We have colored lights up one pole and around the top; white lights on the bushes in front; colored light tubes down the railing and around the front of the bushes; and pulsing white and blue icicles hanging from the other handrails. At this point we had a few people drive by and call us assholes :C I think because they were jealous we had power. But some people are staying the night (of course after we'd spent half a retaliation-induced-dance party and Christmas-lights time doing homework) sleeping on our couches and stuff, and some guys were supposed to come sleep over on the couches in the basement (they haven't showed up yet), but who knows. Tomorrow is another day, we'll see how that goes, too.

Oh, and the cops didn't even come up to the house and yell at us, Brittany turned the music down as soon as they pulled up apparently. =P

And after all the fun, I walk inside to see Brittany had taken a whiteboard marker and written on the wall tiles in the kitchen "Diane's Schedule" with a hole and arrows (because getting my schedule up is low on my priorities list right now) and I fix it to read "Diane's Schedule: Hopewalk and/or PoD" and Brittany and I decide (well, first of all, that we need to wash the tiles because when I got a wet paper towel to wipe away her schedule hole, there was a distinct white area and dirt line) that we are going to memorialize Phi Rho House Fun on the walls with the whiteboard markers. So she writes up "cops called" and "no power" and "christmas lights" with "9/14" on there and I add "AAHHH SPRINKLES" from Candice and this year is going to be awesome.

power outage

I'm kind of sad, though, the winds knocked over an old tree at home. =C It seems like all the older trees are having to go for one reason or another... Falling down, having to get cut down so they don't fall on the house, having to get cut down so they don't uproot the foundation, rotting, getting struck by lightning... =/ Or in this case blown WAAAAY over. It's just weird because when you come home after the old trees come down, it feels like there is a big hole in the sky. And of course, you can't just quickly grow a tree to fill it in... Yeah, this kind of thing breaks my heart, same kind of thing as having to move...
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^If you get it, well, that's why I've been a terrible procrastinator lately.

Honestly I have lots of stuff to post about last week and adventures and whatnot, buuuut today was weird. Well, fuck it, these past few days have been weird. Completely intangible emotional rollercoaster and today I'm veeeeery tired. But I got a lot of good stuff done; picked out my classes (thank god it mostly all fell together with little effort... now I just have to be awake at 2 am Thursday to register), got Phi Rho stuff done (fees, planning, whatnot), got the phone numbers to call (TOMORROW YOU FUCKING PROCRASTINATOR) about the PEP presentations, looked at plane tickets to Maui (which are much more accessible than I thought they'd be--probably because Aloha airlines went down the tubes as of today?!), all sorts of responsible things for two hours.

Yeeeeah, and since then I've been dicking around on the internet, just like I did ALL weekend. (Literally.)

However I'm going to save the emotional crap for a friendslocked post and also for tomorrow. Instead here's my 51 (!!!!) day backlog )

Shit, guys, somebody stole my idea. )

Side note: The Fall got rescheduled for a May release? Anyone else hear anything? DO WANT (to see)

[EDIT] Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Again? Presto! Let's see how many times I can edit this for errors because I'm half asleep.


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