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Indiana Jones ref in Fallout New Vegas. (Coincidentally, all three movie refs he listed have Harrison Ford in them.)

Adventure in the news.

Disney tiki movie, which I'm not sure how I feel about that.

But, uhhh... this is a little horrifying.
On the Twitter front: NASA gets a coolant leak.

Creepy time-lapse videos of Japanese plants! There are few things that strike instant horror into my heart, but one of them is plants that move. I realize, yes, that plants are alive, but they don't "move" (I don't know a better way to put that) and they aren't sentient. BUT THEY WERE THE SCARIEST PART OF JUMANJI. (Although Audrey II doesn't creep me out at all... I guess because Little Shop is so campy. If it were at all serious, I'd probably freak.)

Also on my list of horrifying things, mutated/evil rabbits. The Holy Grail rabbit and Bunnicula don't count, though. And neither do jackalopes, oddly, although rodents with huge nose warts/growths probably would, as I remember being a little creeped out by my best friend's rabbit's inch-and-a-half-long nose-wart in gradeschool.

...I have strange fears.

Anyway, tonight's episode of Big Bang was INDIANA JONES THEMED! I kind of supposed it would be from the ads this week, but they didn't say anything explicit in the ads so I wasn't sure. The nerdiest thing they mentioned was Deborah Nadoolman, the costumer, but... I'm kinda iffy on her. I've read a lot of confusing accounts on her on COW, so I'm not sure how I feel about her. Anyway, it's a complicated issue and the one person maybe reading this who cares probably already knows more about it than I do (or doesn't care because he's a pretty relaxed guy, seems like).

...Buuuut I digress (which is just another way of saying "anyway" without starting YET ANOTHER point with that remark). I hope they continue from where they left off rather than just wrapping it up explanatorially. (Although I doubt they will--they do a good job of keeping a solidly flowing roughly-relative-to-weekly storyline, and on twitter one of the writers said that the Raiders March was not an uncostly deal.) BUT. They supposedly went to see a showing of Raiders (I'm jealous, I've missed big-screen showings of it TWICE this year, both coincidentally local to me!) with 21 seconds of yet-unseen footage... I wish. Lucasfilm hasn't released anything yet-unseen in ages. :(

Prompt time!

Top three favorite bands... Man, I don't know. My favorite songs at the moment are Tchaikovsky's 1812 (my permanent favorite), Cee Lo's Fuck You (which I also discovered his band is all rockin' girls! yeeeeaw), and Billy Joel's Ballad of Billy the Kid. Let's just leave it there and call it good.
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MY NEW CONSPIRACY THEORY: Billy Joel is actually Batman. (Billy Joel = Michael Keaton = Bruce Wayne = Batman.)

Or... Bruce Wayne's even-more-secret-than-Batman identity is Billy Joel.

(It's definitely the hair.)

In other news, other animals are aware of their situations as well. Completely fascinating, as much as we dismiss them.

EVEN COOLER, scientists are using completely ridiculous approaches to attain real results. THIS IS WHAT SCIENCE IS ABOUT, PEOPLE. I looooove iiiiiit. :D

...As a result I have just discovered that the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos is a legit publication and NONLINEAR SCIENCE is a real realm. Why don't they teach you this shit in school?! Shit would be so fascinating. It's like fictional superscience come to life. AND I WOULD PROBABLY BE A SCIENCE MAJOR. Just saying.

I still blame gradeschool for a shitty science education, I really do.
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I am rather horrified Lady Gaga is going to bring back shoulderpads.

I hope not. They are horrible for everyday fashion, just like hers is not really functional. Now for characterization... that's a whole other story. Shoulderpads do wonders in drum corps unis. :)

I would love to see her collab with Billy Joel though. They are both piano talents... It would be INSANE IN THE AWESOMEST WAY, I'm sure.
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A rather disturbing state of political affairs. I just... yeah. There are no words.

Petri Dish cookies! If I ever have a mad science party, these will be involved.

Natalie Portman to star in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies! THIS CASTING IS PERFECT. Why? Because people already confuse her with Kiera Knightley already, and they are both awesome, AND SHE IS AWESOME, and they are GOING TO BE KILLING ZOMBIES. Heeeeeeee this cannot come out on dvd soon enough. Also...? I really want to see a zombie Christmas movie. It would be fantastical, I'm sure.

So, last night, instead of going to the POD Christmas party like I was planning, since Kim and Melissa and everyone else and I had had our Christmas dinner here at our apartment, and Melissa got Jon the Beatles Rock Band, we ended up going to the guys' house to play Beatles Rock Band. For four hours. In which time we beat the whole game and moved on to regular Rock Band. BUT. I got really excited because the game was pretty fun, and since Laura and I still need the drum and mike set for our GH, maybe I could find a RB compatible pack so I could buy the Queen Rock Band! Right? So I just did a little research... the Queen Rock Band that I saw at WalMart is apparently a 10-song disc. LAME AS FUCK. I mean, I realize Queen doesn't have maybe quite as many recognizable songs as the Beatles do, but ffs they didn't put Don't Stop Me Now on there! So I am not buying it. Poop.

Also, they put Tie Your Mother Down on there. Nobody loves that song.

ELTON JOHN IS ON GH5 THOUGH? That is amazing. I'm just waiting for some sort of Billy Joel version of RB... Obvs you don't really have guitar jams, but who knows, they made DJ Hero, maybe they can come up with something clever to be a piano/other instruments. (He has a lot of brass and sax parts... idk how that would work though without looking rather stupid.)

An internet safety code for the next generation. And yet they will still have the fabulous opportunity to fall prey to rickrolling and goatse. The internet really is a fabulous place, you know.

Calvin and Hobbes covered by different artists. Very cool. The first one's a little depressing though, no?
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So the ghetto is amazingly quiet; there are only a few parties going on, with the requisite loud music, but nothing really rowdy. I guess that's because there is no study day before exams tomorrow, but still.

There was no one around the house tonight so I went over to Kim and Melissa's and they and Jon and Jerome and I all went to get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Now, I usually always get chocolate chip cookie dough when I go there (because it's the only place that it's any good) but I saw they had a brownie sundae and the brownie looked particularly delicious so I had to get it. I DID NOT KNOW THERE WERE SO MANY CHOICES IN GETTING A BROWNIE SUNDAE. Caramel or hot fudge?! What flavor of ice cream?! Whipped cream?! Nutes, sprinkles, oreos?! I mean really? I just went with straight up vanilla ice cream because I wasn't sure what else would go well and not over-choclify me (like New York Super Fudge Chunk would have), and then hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts. Yum. Oh, and plus, Ben & Jerry's FINALLY takes Flyer Express. Yay!

So after that we came back and Kim and Jerome went to bed because Kim had to work the desk at midnight, so Melissa and Jon (and Moeller, who we met up with in the hallway) walked back over to my house with me just to sit on the swing, and I grabbed my uke and proceeded to further maul the tips of my fingers. =) But it was fun just sitting and singing, though the guys didn't really sing at all...

But I did get some practice in on the new song I learned today, Only the Good Die Young, and also The Lumberjack Song. Also managed to find Edelweiss and The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) and then played the rest of the songs I know, Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, F.U.N. (yes that's from Spongebob), I'm a Believer, and Margaritaville (which I forgot to play). BUT Only the Good Die Young is a ton fo fun to play, and I'm getting decent at guessing the right chords that need to be switched in the tabs I find, though most of the songs in my range use C/F/G/Am chords. Curiously enough.

ANYWAY so my fingers are raw and I had fun singing and then we had this random creeper come up to us and stare at us and then say he likes to go around on Friday nights telling kids about Jesus, and we said we were good and realized we probably just should have kept on the Bale Out remix we had playing earlier.

Aaaaaand tomorrow is Write Two Papers Day and then Go To A Disney-Themed Costume Party. It's a "go as your favorite Disney character" theme, but I do not trust a hundred drunken people with my fedora. SO, I'm going as a pirate because I haven't dressed up as one in a while (!!!!) and I really want to. Need to run to Foy's to get an appropriate hat, might go thrifting for some more scarves or whatnot if I have the time.

Oh man, so, I watched The Fall last night, and it's such a confusing movie sometimes. I've watched it twice and I'm still not completely sure what's going on all the time. Like... hurr, the Italian bombsmith gets shot in the foot because he's the leg stunt guy. But I couldn't figure out what was going on with Darwin and Wallace, especially toward the end when Darwin says he'll tell everyone that Wallace was the real genius, but then I looked at the imdb for the movie and it says that it was referencing the fact that a guy named Wallace actually came up with the theory of evolution, and Darwin sort of preached it with him, but then because of a screw-up/misunderstanding in the printing/book credits, Darwin gets all the credit for Origin of the Species.

SO. Absolutely splendid movie, particularly if you like what the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been, or Baraka, or Lee Pace. Any of those things are a great reason to watch this movie.

...My fingers are really sore from playing. D:

OH MY GOD the weather today has been so nice. I was lamenting the fact that I was burning up around lunch, because I LOVE wearing jeans and my kneehighs, but then it was perfectly warm-and-cool this evening so it's okay.

Oh my god, and Judy retired today I will miss her so much. :C

Also, watching the fall, I had kind of a HURRRRR moment: they call them "movies" (as in moving pictures) like they called them talkies (as in movies with sound). It's like a whole new mind-bending mental concept/point-of-reference that I need to wrap my head around now. Er... I suppose "context" was the word I was looking for.

OH, OH, OHMYGOD, so that rickshaw kid, apparently he runs a rickshaw business in Chicago so he brought it from home and runs a little business here, too. We saw him drive these four guys down our street, looked like a good workout.
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I've been messing around looking for a new layout because the lack of width on the last one was killing me, and I also have such a headache right now that trying to read white text on a black background is killer.

I'm not totally satisfied with this layout (I will probably switch out the "shark week" header for my own header) but it works until I find something better.

Also, I need some help. I would like to start a separate blog that I'm planning to be a design-based blog, basically, redesigning life. Breaking stupid habits, making things simpler, younameit. However, I can't figure out which would be the best platform. I love Livejournal, but it's not taken very seriously, and I think "outsiders" tend not to comment on it partly because of that. Plus, I don't know how well lj posts show up in RSS readers and such? Anyway, Blogger is too simplistic for my tastes, and stuff like TypePad is not free. Wordpress gives 3GB of space for you to use and is probably the best platform if I weren't so loyal to livejournal.

Anyway, I just have been accumulating a lot of links and I'd like to have a place to put them that I guess is more tradtional and less personal, set up like "here's the interest photo, here's some text from the website, here's my discussion". And in terms of that, Livejournal tends to be more personal blogs and comms, I think... But if I choose Wordpress, I don't really have any idea of how to get readers. Not that I am trying to be a professional blogger or anything, I just don't really know how to go about this. D:

Also, so much for Earth Day. With all my depression about that article I read I have now deemed it Dystopia Day, especially in light of the fact that I have a new listen-to-it-nonstop Billy Joel song that is awesome, and (in particular) dystopian. (Which reminds me of We Will Rock You, and listening to that all the way to and from Spain, incidentally.)

Here, have some dystopia for your day:

Back with more later, I am sure.

Also, hey "little Hawaiiana Jones icon that matches perfectly"!
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Cute story, cute video, there's your daily dose of cute.

Some updates on Pushing Daisies, which by the way you can find two of the last three episodes on youtube in English with Turkish subtitles.

Speaking of Ellen Green, Little Shop is being remade again, but it's not going to be a redo of the musical again, so I don't care much. My guess is they'll butcher the story beyond recognizability anyway.

Help save Chuck, which pisses me off because I just started watching it and it's competing against BBT and HIMYM but I love it, so Monday do Finale and Footlong which has a decent chance of showing numbers, and also vote and chuck one in there for Pushing Daisies, too.

We didn't start the flamewar. Epic.

Find out who you've lived longer than! I have officially outlived Anna Nicole Smith, which is a surprise because I thought she was in her late 20's.

Some Ghostbusters III info. Could be good, could be terrible.
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Christmas mass was fun, playing with the brass. =) Though it was sort of surreal... it still doesn't feel like Christmas. =/ I'm going to see if putting up lights and listening to my Christmas mix until I fall asleep. (Though no Good Die Young... haha)
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Yeah, so I still have this overly massive post sitting around, just waiting for me to get to... it's still going to be awhile.

So I missed Billy Joel singing the National Anthem in order to buy cool whip... ='(

And the commercials this year suck! What the hell, they're all serious or slutty. There's been about five good ones. FedEx and Budweiser. Sad. Oh, and the coke one with the anti-violent-video-game.

But halftime? That was unexpectedly good. I mean, Prince isn't great or anything... but he was wearing a turquoise and orange suit set, which was amazing. In case you didn't know, that's another set of my favorite colors. (There are these awesome skis, they're like five years old, and they're turquoise and orange. I <3 them.) Sooo... yeah. And then Florida A&M? I even knew it was them by uniform color! And their uniforms LIT UP. How awesome is that? They made Prince's last number (whatever it was) sound fucking AMAZING. (Although the one kid who adjusted his hat on national TV... shame on you!)

So, yeah. Turquoise and orange awesome, commercials not so much.

But what I really want to do is find a video or picture or SOMETHING from the 1995 halftime! It was Indiana Jones! I mean, honestly, how cool is that?! Seriously. With Arturo Sandoval and the Miami Sound Machine? I mean hells yes. =D

Oh, so yesterday I also decided that a sweet name is Hawaiiana Jones. =) I grabbed the screen name so no one else could, but I don't really plan on using it too much.

So yes, that's my "it was pretty lame" Superbowl update. Oh, America. =^n.n^=

AWW... so just as I was about to post this, they had an adorable Budweiser commerical! The crab one. That was a good one. =)


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