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Well I was going to hit up Burger King for dinner again, but I ended up meeting Pat and Lara and Katy (and Lara's brother and a few of his friends) for trivia night at The Pub at the Greene. I'm still not sure I like the Greene. Outdoor malls feel very awkward to me, in the middle of rural Ohio. Like they should be more integrated into the blocks of a city, but they aren't... they're surrounded by parking and farms.


Trivia night was... meh. We did pretty well, but it dragged on and on and on and the questions weren't too challenging. They failed at directions on a few different occasions, which just made it frustrating more than anything. We also couldn't hear the music played for the music round... way to go, there. However, I was killing myself for not remembering that Blondie did "Tide is High". I knew it was the other artist on mom's Pat Benetar twofer CD, but I couldn't remember who! (So we just wrote down Pat Benetar.) Of course this means I will never ever forget it again. I felt proud to know that Alice Cooper did School's Out, though.

Challenging question we had no idea about: What American woman won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1915? Of course everyone's first guess was "Madame Curie!" and Lara turned to Steven and said "No, she was French" and I got to represent and say "no, she was Polish" WOO

Can't remember what the answer was, it was the founding mother of service work, or something... someone we've never heard of before.

Another good one: Put in order these bears by their creation, oldest to youngest: Winnie the Pooh, Yogi, Smokey, and Teddy. We debated for a long time whether Winnie or Teddy was older (Lara and I both knew Pooh was older though, not Disney Pooh originally) and eventually decided that Teddy named from Roosevelt probably made Winnie a popularity. (I made that phrase up just now, "a popularity". Means "a possibility for popularity" is what I was going for?) Didn't think at all on Smokey (1944) or Yogi (1958) which we then of course screwed up.

Aaaaaanyway. So The Pub's food is okay, great if you want Pub-style food. Good but nothing special. They have a Guiness Brownie desert which was amazing only because I love warm brownies with vanilla ice cream. DELICIOUS. So apparently Lara and Pat decided to drop the Pub from their trivia rounds and find someplace else, and in the meantime Katy and I "made the team" =P and we will all be going to Cadillac Jack's tomorrow for a trivia night that is much more well-paced and interesting, or so Lara and Pat claim.

And then cleaning cleaning cleaning and packing packing packing and I think I may have to skip work on Thursday in order to get some serious cleaning done. I have a new shelving unit to install in the back of my closet (I ran out of bookspace! I have a full tall bookshelf and a short one already in my room, but they're full...) and SO many clothes to go through. I definitely need to get rid of old. I've been trying to buy nicer-looking clothes in the past year so I have some nice in-between-dressy type stuff, like "interview/work" type clothes (even though I can wear jeans and a t-shirt to work at UDRI). If I could get away with jeans and a t-shirt all the time, I would, but since I started trying to care a little more about appearances I've actually started caring. Like days where I would usually just "whatever" I actually feel the urge to put effort into what I'm wearing. (That being said, I did walk into Target yesterday in my workout shorts and a striped tank top that I didn't realize was semi-seethrough. CLASS ACT RIGHT THERE)

...Also, incidentally this evening I looked like I could have worked at Hollister; I am wearing the only two Hollister items I own (minus the men's shirt I bought at the thrift store), khakis and my "Seriously, WTF" shirt. (And I was wearing Billabong sandals, and would have been wearing my chucks had they not been slain by tar, either which fit the bill.)

And now I am home and the cats are going a bit stir crazy, poor things. =P
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Massive, massive, massive posting here folks. Just I've been super-surfing the last few days and have run across many things to say and simply haven't.

Sooo. [And if you've never seen Star Wars... yeah, spoiler warning, but like you care. And if you havent' seen it you should go away and never talk to me again until you've seen it ANYWAY.] =D Many Bothans died to bring us this information. )

Candice is a superhero, more geekery abounds (from me, of course). )

After you make frogs' legs, what do you do with the rest of the frog? )

Aaaaand, yeah, I think that's the longest, GEEKIEST entry I've ever written. Now I'm off to Southwind camp, back Sunday evening prolly.

Also, when I get back I will edit this to add all the tags as I do NOT have time right now, lol.

Also, warning, this entry was LONG. (Yeah, the warning comes at the end, like the QUV machine with the label under the flap which says "TURN OFF MACHINE BEFORE OPENING. DO NOT LOOK AT BLUE LIGHT," Because, you know, it's about one year's worth of UV in a week's time, and THAT my friends could really hurt your eyes. And your skin, I suppose, but just OW.
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and I don't feel fine. Yeah, so, it's not quite the end of the year but whatever. I apologize right now for not sending out Christmas cards, or letters, or anything like I planned to. I'm in a not good mood. I don't feel like doing anything I'm doing at this point, and it's not making me terribly happy to be in this state. So. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and my apologies.

Yeah, more bad news on my front. My camera broke (the motor in the lens) so I have to go on a new search for a camera. Which I do not want to do. Any recommendations, and examples of good photos? (Escpecially if they use XD memory cards. They were expensive at the time and have gone down a lot, sadly. [And the "XD" always makes me laugh, because it's an emoticon.])


I lost the goddamn pen for my laptop, and a new one is FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS. I know I had it on the plane ride home, and that's the last place I can think of that I had it.



I feel so... done. With everything. I don't want to do anything but lock myself up with a pile of art supplies and go crazy.

This is not good, because I have to clean my room and go back to college and tons of other crap. And I'm tired of worrying about relationships and tons of roomie crap and school shit and work and family and holidays sucking and EVERYTHING.


I just want things to change.


PS. This means no webcomic for a little while longer, along with other crap. SHIT. And I can't take notes on my computer either.


Also, I might be making this journal friends-only soon, but don't worry, I won't be making a cut. At least I don't think I will.
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Damn, I am so tired, I don't know where that title came from, I just typed it for no reason at all.

On to business! To all the people at work who can't order a freakin SANDWICH, I hate you, a lot.

Last Friday, due to lack of work to do, I was tempted to turn the coffee carafe into a penguin. Damn good thing that BAMF (big-ass mother... yeah-- very funny it's what Nightcrawler does) sharpie got thrown away.

Um... at MTI there is a blueprint copy machine, and really, it's just like sniffing a bottle of 409. It's godawful.

And this is the most freaking awesome thing ever:
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So I just friended about 50 people on facebook, if not more. I've been meaning to get around to that, and I know I still missed tons of other people I know. So if I missed you or something, just let me know.

Otherwise, stories from work...

On Tuesday Phil convinced our supervisor that Mary was pregnant. It was just a joke, but she decided to get him back. So this girl who ordered pizza agreed to help out. She pretended to watch him out of the corner of her eye, and boy did she play it up. Then she walked up to him and said something like, "I think I know you. What's your name?" etc., etc., what year are you, whathaveyou. Anyway, the idea was to get him to hit on her, b/c he doesn't have a girlfriend and seems kind of like he would. (He was too freaked out, I think, lol.) Then "OMG! I know! From the gay bar!" And he was just TOO weirded out. Mary and I were DYING. He still doesn't know she did it. In a few weeks she's getting one of her gay guy friends to wait outside work for him, kind of watch him walk past, and say "Are you just gonna walk past me like that?!" etc., and pretend to have been blown off after a really good date or whathaveyou. Heh.

So Wednesday, speaking of coworker tricks... I sat down at the computer at MTI and next to the program I'm working on, there was a folder that said "DO NOT OPEN THIS FOLDER !!!!" I was like "It's either IMPORTANT, or a trick. So I'm not going to open it." Then Art (my boss...ish) came in to check on how I was doing and give me some new spreadsheets to work on, and said "Oh, did you see what the guys did to you?" HA, so it WAS a trick. He opened it, and it was self-executing picture that, once you opened it, set itself as the desktop. It was a picture of Hoa (a guy that works there) making a dumb face. So once Art left, I set the desktop back to standard, and yay for all that.

In other (sad) news, I lost the 5 cent mini (I mean like 1/2 inch) pink w/ black spots plastic lizard that I got in Moab, UT. I kept it in my wallet... and it's either hiding in some fold or I lost it. Wah. It was cute.

AAAAAANYWAY... more pirates posts coming soon. I am insane.
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To sum it up: My first "real" job was nice. I work at the Bistro in KU for UD's Dining Services. My coworker turned out to be Kyle and Karly's grandmother, and said that our trio at graduation was nice. She's neat.

So the Patriot painting that's gone? I found out why. The guy who was in it was Kim Kelly, aka the guy who's got 99 days in prison for funding a whorehouse. Not that only a few people barely even know who painted it, not who posed for it, except that it was a drum major and that was the uniform. (I think it's just a conspiracy to get rid of all instances of tricorner hats. And an excuse to hang the stupid junior's banner closer.) Honestly... few know. Even fewer care.

So have you ever been really tired and misread something? I remember a few months ago I misread the sign of this van (at a distance) which said "Liquid Vinyl Siding of Ohio" as "Liquid Vinyl Ninjas of Doom" or possibly "Liquid Ninja Pirates of Doom." Either way it's entertaining.

So I had something else but I forget because LJ is stupid and ate m entry AND the autosave. Bastards.

Oh... people say I'm weird because I'm easily entertained or I'm generally happy and not really sad. But honestly, enjoying the simple things is enjoying the little things and makes life so much more better and worth it, even though one does tend to worry about said little things a little more. But it's worth it, and worrying can do some good, and I wish more people loved the little things and were happier.



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