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So yeah, I didn't post yesterday because I stayed up until 5 working on a project. YAY ENGINEERING SOMETIMES.

My favorite Disney Princess movie... is probably The Little Mermaid, if you go by numbers. But I do enjoy the new Frog Princess. I've always thought being a singing mermaid would be pretty badass, though. Secret treasure fort?! FUCK YEAH!

Uggs: short for ugly.

Possibly coming up later: locked discussion post wherein I start with a joke and end up taking a horrible turn for the srs bzns. =/ I may or may not be taking things too seriously, BUT I CAN'T TELL. A personal crisis!
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Movers came today to pick up about half of our stuff. It's strange.

Caroling was amazingly awesome last night. My toes got cold but that's my fault for wearing my Christmas chucks. (BUT it wasn't too snowy or icy or anything SO I HAD TO.) The thing about caroling is, I feel like you should be singing more "fun" tunes... Not stuff like Away in Manger.

By the by, I randomly read "manger" a few weeks ago and heard it in my head as "anger" with an "m" in front of it, and now I hear it that way almost every time. Weird.

Tonight is trivia night... I hope it's Christmas themed.

I realized I don't really have any Christmas-themed clothing, just my light-bulb (and my light-up) necklaces, and a really awesome Santa hat. Well, and my chucks. (Which people are consistently amazed that I painted... It's just fabric paint...)

Um um um. What else what else. We're moving the cats today... That will be crazy. I need to practice my horn and register for camp because I AM BEHIND UGH NOT GOOD. Saturday was the Brandstetter's party, that was fun. Sunday I saw Yes Man with Johnny, it was pretty good. I feel like Zooey Deschanel, as awesome as she is, kind of gets typecast. I could be wrong. Just moved stuff yesterday and went caroling... Hm.

My life is weird.

Hugh Laurie might be in the new My Fair Lady, which would be amazing because he's awesome and I can't stand to listen to the original because HIGGINS HURTS MY EARS. Oh, and Hugh Laurie is awesome.

A new Wallace and Gromit! I'm so glad they're not finished making these. I still very much want a "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHICKEN?" poster.
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Massive, massive, massive posting here folks. Just I've been super-surfing the last few days and have run across many things to say and simply haven't.

Sooo. [And if you've never seen Star Wars... yeah, spoiler warning, but like you care. And if you havent' seen it you should go away and never talk to me again until you've seen it ANYWAY.] =D Many Bothans died to bring us this information. )

Candice is a superhero, more geekery abounds (from me, of course). )

After you make frogs' legs, what do you do with the rest of the frog? )

Aaaaand, yeah, I think that's the longest, GEEKIEST entry I've ever written. Now I'm off to Southwind camp, back Sunday evening prolly.

Also, when I get back I will edit this to add all the tags as I do NOT have time right now, lol.

Also, warning, this entry was LONG. (Yeah, the warning comes at the end, like the QUV machine with the label under the flap which says "TURN OFF MACHINE BEFORE OPENING. DO NOT LOOK AT BLUE LIGHT," Because, you know, it's about one year's worth of UV in a week's time, and THAT my friends could really hurt your eyes. And your skin, I suppose, but just OW.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 10:13 pm
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So, I saw Rent this morning. IT IS AWESOME! Now I really must go out and buyt the soundtrack, OF COURSE. *le sigh* It's pretty sad... but I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. We were supposed to see it at midnight but it didn't have a midnight opening. (I did have a fun [though strange] time at Katy's watching Garden State and playing with her kittens. We also did something else but I will not reveal it until tomorrow!) However, we did make it to the Regal 20's first showing. It wasn't a very full audience! I guess that's because it snowed, and people were still at work at 10:15 this morning, and would have gone later. I heard those shows were sold out, but that was only speculation. I hope they were.

Look for my extra-special annual holiday update tomorrow!
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Haven't updated in a while. We lost the CJ game Thursday, just like I predicted. Last night (although still right now...) we went to Friendly's after our 4+hour practice. Then we went bowling. Kylicia (minus Kyle for the bowling), me, Mrs. Minge, Domer, and Fisher. Domer did a sprinkle shot. Fun times. Endless jokes. The quote of the day:

Me: No, you're the bandit.
Peter Certo: I'm the bandit?
Me: You're the bandit.
Peter: I am the bandit.
Me: Coo coo cachoo.

It was good times. In other random news, I have (at least, with a sore throat) a 2 octave singing range and my dad bought Blue Juice for my valves which is going to kill them. Northmont later today (after I go to sleep). Yes... cherry blow pops and the water bottle game... also finding the hirhgt of the stands because we know the time and gravity. w00t the nerds. =D

Also, Lara and I totally owned at our Don Quixote/ Sancho de La Mancha vocab skit. w00t.


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