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I've been messing around looking for a new layout because the lack of width on the last one was killing me, and I also have such a headache right now that trying to read white text on a black background is killer.

I'm not totally satisfied with this layout (I will probably switch out the "shark week" header for my own header) but it works until I find something better.

Also, I need some help. I would like to start a separate blog that I'm planning to be a design-based blog, basically, redesigning life. Breaking stupid habits, making things simpler, younameit. However, I can't figure out which would be the best platform. I love Livejournal, but it's not taken very seriously, and I think "outsiders" tend not to comment on it partly because of that. Plus, I don't know how well lj posts show up in RSS readers and such? Anyway, Blogger is too simplistic for my tastes, and stuff like TypePad is not free. Wordpress gives 3GB of space for you to use and is probably the best platform if I weren't so loyal to livejournal.

Anyway, I just have been accumulating a lot of links and I'd like to have a place to put them that I guess is more tradtional and less personal, set up like "here's the interest photo, here's some text from the website, here's my discussion". And in terms of that, Livejournal tends to be more personal blogs and comms, I think... But if I choose Wordpress, I don't really have any idea of how to get readers. Not that I am trying to be a professional blogger or anything, I just don't really know how to go about this. D:

Also, so much for Earth Day. With all my depression about that article I read I have now deemed it Dystopia Day, especially in light of the fact that I have a new listen-to-it-nonstop Billy Joel song that is awesome, and (in particular) dystopian. (Which reminds me of We Will Rock You, and listening to that all the way to and from Spain, incidentally.)

Here, have some dystopia for your day:

Back with more later, I am sure.

Also, hey "little Hawaiiana Jones icon that matches perfectly"!
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Well, the crazy hyper caffiene party did not work out for this weekend. I just... really need to be alert... with all the projects I have going on... and I don't really have the time to not sleep and get sick and lose those hours of actual work.

So. Rather I redrew my Southwind ambigram (posted on facebook), posted my Southwind photos on facebook, read some of a book that is very well written but not really to my interest, and watched 101 Dalmations, Richie Rich, and The Prestige. You can tell I was feeling distant and rather emotionless today, because, honestly. Richie Rich? Um... no.

Hm. So it's very nice to be sitting here at night (5:00 am, woo!) when no one else is about. There is just the moon and the stars, at least tonight. One thing I hate about living in the city... how often you can't see the stars.

Some other tidbits from my weekend I was keeping tabs on:

"You know, it's harder to miss high school now that fewer of my friends are there, but there is one thing about high school you can't have in college, exactly: that uncontrolled community involving everyone. What I mean is, when it snows, and you're walking to class, and the senior guys are all going crazy shouting "SNOW DAY WE'RE GETTING OUT EARLY!" or a snowball fight breaks out in the bandroom before practice. You just don't get quite the same thing in college. Sure, there might be some of that, but it doesn't involve everyone having a good time. I dunno, I guess it's sort of hard to explain.

Also, I had to laugh last night playing Guitar Hero when one of the loading screen quotes is "A band is the dysfunctional family you choose." Nothing could be more true. And I am lucky to have several of them... =)

Hm, I was thinking about blogs, too. I wonder if people prefer creating drama because it is easier to think about, to sort out, rather than real life, difficult questions. It is easier to think in anger or confusion about people than to express your confusion of the answer of a question you don't even understand. Does that make sense?

"Fools aren't born, Pongo, pretty girls make them in their spare time." --101 Dalmations (live action)

Oh my god. I really should stay off the IMDb boards. It's like... blargh... the sewers of Mos Eisley. I mean, they had some interesting theories on The Prestige, but there were also so many fucking morons who just didn't get it, even though the writers TOLD everyone what it was supposed to be when there was confusion. And now, guess what I just found? THERE ARE PEOPLE... WHO WRITE FANFICTION... ON THE IMDb BOARDS... ABOUT REAL PEOPLE. I can only presume it is the gathering place of Mary Sues and Gary Stus, but at any rate it makes me want to FUCKING SLIT MY OWN THROAT TO ESCAPE HUMANITY.

Please, god, please... let them get Darwin awards.

Um... on another topic... HUGH LAURIE was in 101 Dalmations! And the guy who played Arthur Weasly, too. Funnily enough they're the bad guys. And the best part is it that it makes me like the bad guys rather than the good guys because I can't stand the guy that plays Roger. I think he's in Ghostbusters, or something, too... some movie like that."

So, yes, all that is from earlier today. I just thought the 101 Dalmations quote was hilarious, because, seriously, there is so much drama and mindgames and there you go that's part of it and both "sides" know it. Stupid.

I definitely have more to talk about, but as I have said, today I feel very blah, and I just don't want to write about it right now, even though I feel as though it would be both interesting and fun.

...Heh, does that even make sense? Whatever.

Oh, so, holy crap, we went to see Hairspray in Springfield the other night. It was fantastic, much more humorous than the film, though the film has a better storyline. Can I just say one thing, though? Did you have to make Link's song a mockery of Elvis? Honestly? Did you not think I've had enough Elvis in my life? Gah. I AM SICK OF ELVIS... if he EVEN shows up in Indy IV (which I kind of think he might... sort of like Hitler in the third one), I think I'm going to want to kill myself. ;P


May. 19th, 2007 01:09 pm
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So, I realy feel like when I post in this journal it's just me complaining about being "a teenager", you know? Also, as I write more personal things I write more personally, as if I were holding a conversation, using "like"s and "you know?"s and such. And I just feel like this whoel thing is too much filled with drama and emotions and I HATE emos. Partially this entry is because I find it very sad that what was normal for teenagers is now a fashion statement and a lifestyle. Pathetic.

So, I'm just very frustrated that I don't focus on life as a whole much any more, or interesting things about it, but that I'm trying to sort out whatever I am. I guess that's better than all the REAL drama filled MySpaces and Xangas and LiveJournals which actually resort to "and tommy went out with lisa yesterday but she is SUCH a h0r b/c OMG u no wut she did with frEddie?!" and the comments go something like "omg amanda I FOUND U h0rrrr!!!!111! u r a liar" and such like that.

So... I've had a major backlog of posts from March through now, roughly, sitting in my inbox waiting to be posted, but I just can't bring myself to post them. They are getting posted to my personal journal, and who knows what will happen to that. I don't want to get into that, but sometimes I feel horrible, because I hide things about myself so I don't have to read them later and feel ashamed or whatever. The way I justify it (haha) is like it's when you think of something mean to say, and you feel bad for thinking it, but you're human and you don't say it or do it, whatever it was, and that's why you're "a good person."

Anyway. From now on I'm going to try to post more exploratory things about people and life and not just me, and also really random things. (I know, my journal, my choices, but still, I'm trying to avoid that whole "drama-whoring teenager" stereotype by about a million miles.)

So... before I leave next Friday, expect a fantastically large post involving Indiana Jones IV details (important stuff, I know).


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