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Well my mom's cousin is getting put in hospice. =/ I feel really bad because she's taking it really hard and her aunt already lost her husband and one sister.

Anyway, I've been really tired and apathetic lately, and I really hate it. I don't know why... I just have no drive to do anything (not even read all my blogrolls or watch TV), including practice for camp. WHICH I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE TO HAVE ALL MY MUSIC MEMORIZED FOR. Lovely...

Here's the curious thing. I think I am a natural optimist, always have been. It balances well with being rather practical and everything, but I've actually started wondering how much it is perhaps brain chemical related. Can't remember if I talked about this before. Anyway, what started me thinking about this is that when I drink, I don't get any positive/relaxed feelings out of it, I just get sleepy. And then if I drink enough, a little unbalanced (physically, you know, inner ear and vision and muscle control) and a migraine. I think you may (or may not) get more out of me if you get me jacked up on Mountain Dew. Well, for one thing, it definitely cements in my mind that drunkenness is mental, particularly for all the folks that can hold their alcohol well, but I do have to wonder if perhaps I--chemically--have a higher propensity towards being happy. Because my mom even asked me, when I told her how I've felt today, if I was depressed (...were depressed? fuck this tense), and... I don't think so. At least not how I think of depression. When I think of depression I think of feeling like life is not worth living, and although I have felt all weekend like everything is pointless, I DO NOT (and never have, and have always thought I never will) want to die. That's always how I've been. Seriously, all those mortality tales you read in high school when they talk about how no one wants to live forever? I would. You could do everything! Learn everything! It would be awesome. ANYWAY.

Also, talked about some stuff in psychology about basic personality traits (O.C.E.A.N.) and discovered I am probably some level of neurotic (meaning, easily emotional). ADDITIONALLY, the way the prof talked about it, I probably am some mild to medium form of paranoid? Which is interesting, because now I want to know what level is normal (if any... my extent of knowledge of that consists of one of Slartibartfast's lines from the new Hitchhiker's movie, so, you know, nothing much).


I did nothing this weekend. I beat Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings and did no homework and watched a bunch of movies, all because I had no drive to do anything and I completely forgot there were some things I should have done months ago and keep forgetting to do. THAT IS HAPPENING NEXT WEEK because I need to clear that off my schedule for fuck's sake. =/

game spoilers if you care )

Mmmm... yeah. Gotta get to that homework. Fuckkkkkkkk.

Oh, P.S., beware in the future there will probably be a HUGE up-and-coming self-psychology post... You know, all the things that have been brewing in my head forever and I finally need to put down or something, hahahaha. Good times.

Sometimes I really wonder if I should have been a psychologist... =/
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Yeah, so, don't send me to Second Time Around to look for things. I stumbled upon the Pink Panther Complete Cartoon set (we've been struggling to figure out how many dvds they put out for the 40th anniversary) AND THEN I found the complete movies set WITH Shag's art from the 40th anniversary, which they have since discontinued.

...So that put me back $90.

Plus then I found Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Stardust, a couple other dvds, and a Foreigner cd. And I nearly got Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for ps2 but that would have put me back an additional $28, which seems rather excessive considering how long it's been out. And the fact that it was, in a previous life, a Hollywood rental disk, which by my guesses probably means it was treated pretty shittily.

Anyway, so overall, I spent $150 which was just kind of D8 soooo yeah. I don't need to spend anything for a while.

And then I got home and tried to use up my Sideshow gift card that came with my crystal skull figurine, but I didn't know you could only use it on certain items (all the expensive ones, of course...) sooo now I have a $25 "gift card" that is basically worthless to me, because all I want is the Indyfans dvd and maybe the decks of cards (which happens to total $22... that I can't use the card on). I mean, there are a couple of different more expensive things in the store I like, but I either don't really want them, don't need them, or they can't be paid for using the card. Uggghhh. (Although I've had the Dressing a Galaxy book on my wishlist forever, I really just can't justify $200-300 on a book.)

BUT I did get my room organized a bunch today, as well as the stuff from shool, so there's not much left to do with that.

Surveying starts tomorrow (ugh) which I'm hoping gets fucked up because of all the rain and we have to spend time doing nothing or having classes cancelled or something. I do not want to spend eight hours a day outside in the rain letting my boots fill up like lakes, thankyouverymuch.

SO HAPPY SUMMER TO ME D: That was my whole break, roughly speaking.

Although I did figure out one good thing today, I can open up some space on this computer if I put all my music & video files on an SD card (which, interestingly, the new specs allow for 2 TB) and since both my laptops and the mp3 player I'm looking at (Creative Zen X-Fi) all have SD slots, I could just keep my media files in one place (and back them up on my external drive) and that way I wouldn't have to worry about syncing my iPod or not having music on my netbook or anything. So, it will take a little bit of an investment, but it sounds like a plan.

My only upset currently is that the X-Fi doesn't necessarily work with MediaMonkey, and there are no Rockbox setups for anything Creative has, and I absoltely refuse to use Windows Media Player. I hate that thing. So I just have to hope for a miracle with MediaMonkey. Hoo boy. (Except... that doesn't necessarily work with Linux? So I'll have to keep running XP.)

[EDIT] Oh, and I actually got mom to want to watch Family Guy (Blue Harvest, because of the Airplane! and Blues Brothers references). She didn't pay much attention, but I'm glad I have it on dvd now so I can just pull it out and laugh heartily.

It's also significantly funnier if you hear the opening titles in your head as Peter saying them, since in essence he is, and it actually makes a lot more sense.

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Heeeeey, look! Trivia from the Wizard of Oz movie. Did you know that the "hanged munchkin" story is just an urban legend, but that the coat used for the Wizard (well, the Kansas-wizard, Professor Marvel) once belonged to Baum? That's pretty cool. Also, I don't understand how anyone ever thought that bird was a hanged person... It just looks like a frigging bird stretching its wings. A large bird, yes, but nothing an emu couldn't handle. Also I forgot that the Witch was burned with her trap door escape... Sounds familiar? Maybe witches are vulnerable to trap doors?

Also, I totally watched about a quarter of the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz sync-up and it is indeed creepy.

WOAH I just went upstairs to talk to Candice about Conficker and my head is totally pounding. How did I carry a heavy box up a steep hill after giving blood and yet simply going upstairs four hours after giving blood today is enough to do that? Weird. *Hoo.*

Um, someone buy me one of these?

OHHH GOOOOD STAR TREK AD I can't wait to take my little. She is so awesome =)

Oh man, someone said that the Indy game release date got pushed back to June 2. That blows. Now I definitely have to wait until I get back to play it.

Um, someone buy me this too? Mucho coolo.

Dramatic readings about atheism directly from fundamentalist message boards. Funniest thing I saw all day.

Global hacker ring exposed. This is... very scary. I find it incredibly disturbing that cameras can be turned on remotely like that.

Okay, that's probably good for now. I have a shit-ton of stuff to post buuuuut I don't care right now.
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I'm having a good week, all things considered. Other than totally bombing my 5 minute speech last night due to nerves, my ethics test got pushed back to Monday and my Shakespeare paper, which I thought was due Thursday is actually due in a few weeks. So... yay. Breathing time.

Speaking of breathing time, camp went really really well. I am so excited for this summer.

Anyone watch Big Bang Theory last night? So I may have told this story before, but my mom and I like to poke fun at each other by calling each other Sheldon. for example, my mom was teasing me that when we went to a gigantic art show, I suggested we just go row by row so we don't get as lost as we do every year. (It's a lot to take in in just a few hours.) And I was mocking her for being anal about how I put her books away on the shelf because when she was in gradeschool in California, she worked at the library, and I guess libraries like to have it such that all the spines line up towards the front of the shelf, whereas my personal library is pretty disorganized and forget empty space, I try to fit on there as many books as I freaking can.

Anyway, so last night when BBT was on, my mom texted me and told me I needed Sheldon's tagging system because then I could find the jacket I lost. (My corps jacket for SW. I'm really upset about that.) Which, technically you can't, because rfid tags can't tell you location, only a sort of "yes" or "no" if it's there or not, but I had to remind her that that is the exact system I have been planning for several years to keep track of my future library. :D

So yeah, I'm kind of a Sheldon.

UGH, you fucking know what? So that Indiana Jones game is finally coming out after being in development for a million years, and they said "late spring 2009", but YOU KNOW WHAT, IT COMES OUT THE DAY I LEAVE FOR EVERYDAYS. fml. Soooo I'm gonna have to try to get an early copy or just get it and... ugh, let it sit all summer... That's bullllshiiiiit. I definitely won't have time to play it in the fall...

So even though my last pair of "good jeans" (aka the comfy, well-fitted ones I live in every day) decided to die and my new pair needed to be hemmed, I forgot I had a pair hiding in the back of my drawer with side cargo pockets (no hammer pocket/loop unfortunately) and SUPER deep top pockets (holy shit I can fit my whole hand in them) and I am a happy camper because today was warm despite it looking like it was going to rain and me being way tired and losing m corps jackets and YAY I HAVE CARGO PANTS AGAIN. Shupa shweet.

I really love homestar runner. Haven't sat down and watched a whole bunch in a long time, but they had a new toon out recently with Strong Bad saying "T minus heck outta Dodge". Excellent. Added to book of quotes. *check*

Okay firefox is acting up and being very slow sooo I'm going to post this and come back with links later.


Mar. 1st, 2009 10:18 pm
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I feel bad because I haven't updated much lately. I think I feel worse because I've had some good philosophly thoughts in class and just haven't bothered to get them down. BUT next week is camp (le sigh) and I'm planning to being my eepc and write a paper and get some writing done.

Otherwise I had a very good weekend. Just in a good mood, enjoying stuff... Watched Kingdom of the Crsytal Skull, watched some Jurassic Park, talked philosophy, spent some time looking up Adventure stuff, watched a good chunk of Firefly.

I'm not sure what to think about my Adventure stuff; I found some new photos (always a plus) and saved some info in case the pages disappear later on (can you believe it's been 10 years since the new building opened?), but I didn't really get anywhere on the code-cracking because looking at Candice's pictures, she didn't have the macro on and some of them she didn't even get the whole thing in the photo. Bleh. BUT I'm hoping I can find someone who's going next weekend to take my camera and take a bunch of photos (with macro) and maybe even some videos.

The real confusing thing is that JPI Design, the group that designed Adventure, redid their site awhile back but it has not been up in the past year; I'm wondering what happened because I found a NEW site (Roto-something) taking credit for it, with a different design team (or at least, lacking the head guy, I didn't check on anyone else), AND with other pictures of the design I'd never seen before. (LIKE A MODEL! *eeeee*) But unlike JPI which was out of California (although the stuff I found today said Oregon?!) Roto is out of DUBLIN (OH) which means that if I got an internship there or ended up working there I wouldn't really have to Never See Anyone Again. (Unless I get a job working for Disney.) But as things stand I don't know exactly where I'm headed, just kind of see myself somewhere all-over traveling when I need to.

Also, they set up a Ning network for overnight "alumni", which is exciting. Opportunities to see if Adventure talk crops up or if pictures do, AND ALSO THEY ARE SETTING UP AN OVERNIGHT FOR ALUMNI :D In April, I'm hoping maybe I can go...


Okay, linkspam. There is plenty of it.

The snake was a fake! Not at all surprised. And on a related note, What Happened to All the Weird? On one hand, I agree, we need weird. Part of it, I think, is that we are getting more educated, in which case lack of weird is a good sign. But at the same time there is GOOD weird like Neil Gaiman, which "normalcy" kind of looks down on... Not completely, but I just feel like there are a lot of people like my dad who just don't like weird stuff. He says it's too dark, and he wouldn't like Gaiman and refuses to watch Nolan's Batmans, so... I dunno. It's funny though, because he likes funny weird, like Monty Python and Gilliam's stuff, but he doesn't like serious or semi-serious weird. *shrug* I dunno. I like weird. I blame it on my young exposure to the Marx brothers, Ernie Kovacks, Monty Python, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, The Point, all that jazz...

Oh, but the giant snake fossil in Colombia is awesome, and I think I posted it before, but YAY it gives me further faith in KotC. (AAUUUUGHHH JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST that's a big damn snake.)

Entrance to the Garden of Eden? Didn't really read the article, but the idea is intriguing.

A bunch of viral-ad stuff from the WB for Watchmen... Cool beans. I LOVE viral ad systems. And I suspect, despite some of the awfully-cheesily-designed costumes, Watchmen will be very good.

A brief recap of the Dark Knight viral campaign. Doesn't get into the details, but fun nonetheless. =)

Maybe I posted this? Five companies developing the "Internet of Things"... I'm just excited because maybe by the time I can afford it, there will be an RFID system (or I can develop one, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE) to organize a library.

An old story, so I probably posted this awhile ago, but "Indy V Underway".

Cool article on the direction of Raiders, too.



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