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I need to stop posting all the silly shit on tumblr and move it back over here.

Hahaha, I'm sorry. I tend to think of this as my "blog home" because it's actually a journal site and I've been posting here since god knows when and reading before that, too. (I was just nostalgia-ing over the old homestar runner LJ comm back when it was popular.) And tumblr you can't really make stuff private, etc. But it's so easy to just reblog stuff right there instead of manually linking to everything...

Yeah, I'm lazy. Haha.

But also, it's interesting how my "sharing things" method has changed as different media/social sites change... I post a lot of stupid picture links on people's facebook walls because I know they specifically would enjoy it (rather than "sharing" it with my whole feed). I tweet spur-of-the-moment stupid thoughts which I did through LJ back in that brief moment of time in 2008 right when Twitter was getting popular but people didn't know what it was and I could actually do that with my phone. (I kinda miss that phone. But that's completely unrelated.) I don't tend to post linkspams or articles much here anymore, I'm slowly reverting back to personal stuff. I guess because websites are so specific now? Fandomish stuff goes on tumblr. Real-life interaction (lol ironically) goes on facebook. Journaling goes on LJ. Portfolio stuff goes on my website (and probably not dA anymore). Fleeting commentary goes on twitter.

Idk... is that strange?

(Who knows, and maybe in another 5 years it will revert back again. I know I originally started posting personal stuff here and then it evolved into link spams and things. So, like earth's magnetic poles just about 2000x faster?)
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regarding my journaling voice--

then again, I usually channel a bit of the voice of whatever I've been involved in (somewhat deeply) most recently. Which I'd say more of late has been internet-y type stuff like the normal LJ, some tumblr, a small tish of reddit. And of course memes abound, and I've noticed since 2008 that my writing has taken on a lot more meme style, which I'd say is what I sort of equate to the Archer style I mentioned, except that also has a lot of intentionally over-the-top emotion. Which I'd say is more a drum corps thing for me? But that's become a part of me, since 2007 and definitely reinforced since 2009.

It usually only happens when I get very involved in something-- like when I read all the Hitchhiker's Guide books, my voice took on a bit of Adams. (Not recently, I think pre-my-regular-blogging-days.) More recently when I watched a bunch of Sherlock, or Firefly. A lot of stuff that happened in the past that's become a part of my natural vocabulary that I can't avoid and sometimes completely forget about-- Homestar Runner, Ace Ventura and winter percussion jokes, all the random Doctor Evil things that slip in there.

An aside, I also find it interesting that the voice I write with is not often the voice I speak with. I am much more quiet in person (when I am not comfortable enough to be loud), and a lot of things I self-censor out of habit. Then again, I've noticed myself slipping more here and there, for example, the fact that my parents don't seem to be too upset about an f-bomb here or there, although I still cut back a lot from my daily usage. (We all have Cee Lo Green to thank for the progress on that front.) And some things are such an accident that they take me by surprise, which I can only attribute to my theory on aging; which is that I am very perceptive to age and relative positions of authority, and it's so much ingrained that I am nearly six years out of high school and friends with old teachers whom I cannot call by their first names, or at least, it still feels uncomfortable to do so. It's detrimental in that I assume people in classes above me (and usually my own grade level) are all older than me, and in grades below, younger. Although in the past few years I've realized classes below me are often my own age, and in odd situations like my age-out year, I'm actually the oldest. That was a weird but ultimately freeing experience. BUT! Back to my point-- sometimes something is ingrained enough in my internal monologue voice that it slips into the everyday regardless of my social position, which I attribute to two things: 1) my continued blogging and internetting for so many years and the development and strengthening of that voice, which I am proud of, and 2) as I've come into more experiences where I am older or more knowledgeable I've gained confidence in my own abilities (like working the holiday job? Very yes) and let down my guard somewhat, in regards to social situations. Which is good in that I am happier, more confident in myself, and put more trust in my skills. But the down side is that I'm also more risky, more likely to slip up-- like the fact that I apparently scare my classmates with all my swearing (although they seem more entertained than actually offended, I just don't want to cause any actual problems).


Nov. 7th, 2010 10:53 pm
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Guys I believe this may be my new favorite picture. I put it in my desktop rotation.

Yeah, as for not doing my daily post yesterday, I had QUITE A DAY. Allow me to tell you about it. So besides being the last football game of the season, which means doing the senior show (yay Queen!) and planning the dead-bug (which our new director seemed to appreciate), and running errands (woo... GRE study guide... so completely exciting), my roommates, in the course of hosting a birthday party, managed to turn on the air conditioning.

Let me preface this by saying, I don't really fault them. With the drunken shenanigans that occur weekly on this campus, someone bumping up against a wall is perfectly understandable. That being said, I FROZE MY ASS OFF THE OTHER NIGHT. I slept huddled up in a ball under three blankets! I couldn't even stretch out my legs because my feet were too cold. I couldn't put my arms under my pillow because bringing them outside the warmth of my huddled body mass meant certain death. Anyway.

Let's get to the post though, shall we?

My favorite season is probably fall. Although we don't get much of it here in Ohio, which is sad. Not "real fall", when it's slightly cooler, but dry, before it's absolutely necessary to wear a jacket and long pants but still comfortable to do so. I've gotten a lot more appreciation for summer now that it's not just something forgotten between school years, but very needed vacations, and drum corps. (And an extension of drum corps, more time with less clothing on, haha.)

Okay. Forget tumblr, say Livejournal. I either found Livejournal through my friend Katy (who no longer posts here) or through the homestarrunner comm, which back in its heyday was HUGE. It was awesome. And there was the ABP'd list (Already Been Posted), to which I aspire to create such a thing of management and dedication. But SHIT, that thing was huge. (And then the main mod disappeared, and then awhile later the Bros Chaps took a year off without telling anyone, and effectively killed their own hype machine, for the most part.)

However, Homestar is currently celebrating a slight rebirth in the discovery that a lot of my friends aren't so clueless of Homestar as I might have expected. (Not that I don't suspect them as internet-savvy, I just still tend to think of the internet's memes as sticking to certain age-groups, which, obviously, they don't. The internet is amazing at leveling the playing field in that regard.)

I'm having a hard time believing this wikipedia article even exists.
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I'm having a good week, all things considered. Other than totally bombing my 5 minute speech last night due to nerves, my ethics test got pushed back to Monday and my Shakespeare paper, which I thought was due Thursday is actually due in a few weeks. So... yay. Breathing time.

Speaking of breathing time, camp went really really well. I am so excited for this summer.

Anyone watch Big Bang Theory last night? So I may have told this story before, but my mom and I like to poke fun at each other by calling each other Sheldon. for example, my mom was teasing me that when we went to a gigantic art show, I suggested we just go row by row so we don't get as lost as we do every year. (It's a lot to take in in just a few hours.) And I was mocking her for being anal about how I put her books away on the shelf because when she was in gradeschool in California, she worked at the library, and I guess libraries like to have it such that all the spines line up towards the front of the shelf, whereas my personal library is pretty disorganized and forget empty space, I try to fit on there as many books as I freaking can.

Anyway, so last night when BBT was on, my mom texted me and told me I needed Sheldon's tagging system because then I could find the jacket I lost. (My corps jacket for SW. I'm really upset about that.) Which, technically you can't, because rfid tags can't tell you location, only a sort of "yes" or "no" if it's there or not, but I had to remind her that that is the exact system I have been planning for several years to keep track of my future library. :D

So yeah, I'm kind of a Sheldon.

UGH, you fucking know what? So that Indiana Jones game is finally coming out after being in development for a million years, and they said "late spring 2009", but YOU KNOW WHAT, IT COMES OUT THE DAY I LEAVE FOR EVERYDAYS. fml. Soooo I'm gonna have to try to get an early copy or just get it and... ugh, let it sit all summer... That's bullllshiiiiit. I definitely won't have time to play it in the fall...

So even though my last pair of "good jeans" (aka the comfy, well-fitted ones I live in every day) decided to die and my new pair needed to be hemmed, I forgot I had a pair hiding in the back of my drawer with side cargo pockets (no hammer pocket/loop unfortunately) and SUPER deep top pockets (holy shit I can fit my whole hand in them) and I am a happy camper because today was warm despite it looking like it was going to rain and me being way tired and losing m corps jackets and YAY I HAVE CARGO PANTS AGAIN. Shupa shweet.

I really love homestar runner. Haven't sat down and watched a whole bunch in a long time, but they had a new toon out recently with Strong Bad saying "T minus heck outta Dodge". Excellent. Added to book of quotes. *check*

Okay firefox is acting up and being very slow sooo I'm going to post this and come back with links later.
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Dec. 14th, 2007 10:01 pm
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Earlier today I would have posted in celebration about how I now never have to take a math class ever again, and that I didn't completely fail my final.

Or maybe later in the day about how August Rush is a fantastic movie for music-oriented people like myself, and I presume Lisa Ann's friend must not be a musician, because she didn't like it.

But instead, here I am, I'm lonely. I'm packing up everything I own to take it home where most of it will sit abandoned for four or so months. There's no one else in the apartment, only a few other folks on the floor.

I already miss Goldeneye killing sprees and MarioKart races. Movie nights from Second Time Around when we were all supposed to be studying. Group tickets to Hairspray, "I'm Batman", and "your mother, Trebek." Too much candy, almost 24/7 Discovery Channel or CSI or Law and Order marathons. Seeing Enchanted and falling in love with the soundtrack. Singing along to Queen, the Beatles, Rent, and Disney and classic rock songs when it's your dish night. Teaching people what Newsies and Monty Python are. Coloring books, and never having enough decorations for the walls. The time-out chair in the closet. Homestar Runner quote-a-thons (Sid Hoffman, or Sid Frenchman?).

Maybe for any one of us this year wasn't what we wanted; I can't say it's been good. But I can say with great certainty that you, my 6F roommates, are awesome people and this apartment being so empty is making me cry. I love you guys and I'm going to miss you so much next semester. Hawaii will be fun, and it will be relaxing, but it will never be home.

And also; your mom's face.


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