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1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before?
I went shark diving, I saw an Indiana Jones movie on the big screen, and I made a complicated Halloween costume by myself.

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I don't know if I made any hard-set resolutions for last year; I did go through with my relax-and-find-yourself and celebrate-the-year-of-Indy plan, but I don't think I really came through on much else. (I think I made a resolution to exercise more, and I think it fell through.)

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
The Vanderhorsts have a new baby, Danielle.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Grandpa McGarvey.

5. What countries did you visit?
Hawaii... which is part of the US, but some people want it to go back to being another country because it was illegally taken over (technically, annexed) by the US. So, I'm saying that sort-of counts as another country, bwa.

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Some peace of mind when it comes to different friends, and maybe more idea of how things are going to play out after UD (internship; grad school; that sort of thing).

7. What date from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
May 22--Indy IV. Why? I've only been looking forward to that for, oh, nine years or more.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Being more confident in my beliefs, and figuring out that engineering is nice but not everything I wanted.

9. What was your biggest failure?
Procrastinating on large projects too much.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Well, this sinus infection that won't go away right now, and puking on Chrismas... Those are probably the closest things I can think of. Lots of temporary injuries in Hawaii, but those are all in the name of fun and adventure, so no worries.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
MY NEW FEDORA, MY BABY <3 (Oh, and my bitchin' cell phone.)

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
My friends. Some days they are my saviors.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Friends who dump plans repeatedly and don't listen to what you're saying when you're concerned about their choices; I'm thinking of two particular people. One of them is Chris, and the other one, not surprisingly, I didn't see over break at all. Here's a hint: she dropped plans so often there is now a term for backing out named after her.

14. Where did most of your money go?
Hawaii, and Indiana Jones stuff. But even in Hawaii, it was mostly Indiana Jones stuff. :D

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Oh, I don't know, there was this movie that came out, you know...

16. What song will always remind you of 2008?
Oh, damn, good question. I'm not really sure, but probably something we played in marching band, like Kung Fu Fighting.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder?
ii. thinner or fatter? maybe fatter; I was probably still gaining weight from marching then.
iii. richer or poorer? about the same, but I spent a lot, so I'll go with richer.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Going to the beach in Hawaii, and hanging out with that bunch. They were fun and we don't really get the same chance to hang out here.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Wasting time doing nothing... internet, tv, younameit.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
I hung out with family... and got sick.

22. Did you fall in love in 2008?
Not particularly.

23. Did your heart break in 2008?
No more than usual... and I'd say by the end here it healed more than anything.

24. What was your favorite TV program?
PUSHING DAISIES WITHOUT A DOUBT. Also The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, House, Family Guy, Robot Chicken.

25. Did you know anybody who got married?
I went to Hannah and Alex's wedding... And some other friends got engaged and I think I missed their weddings, but I never heard any more than engagement. (Andy and Melanie; Amanda Godwin and her beau)

26. What states did you visit in 2008?
Hawaii, Indiana, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and the ones in between that when we drove.

27. Where were you when 2008 began?
Home with the cats.

28. Who were you with?
Just my kitties.

29. Where will you be when 2008 ends?
At Lara's house, with her family, and Kevin and Lara's sister's boyfriend.

30. Who will you be with when 2008 ends?
The folks I just mentioned, and I thought Christina was going to come, but I guess she was busy.

31. What was the best book you read?
I don't know, I didn't read a whole lot, but I just read Wicked (again) the other day and it was really good.

32. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Good question... Maybe the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

33. What did you want and get?
My fedora, and Indiana Jones stuff, and Indy IV (and seeing it in the theatre and having fun watching it).

34. What did you want and not get?
A drama-free social life... *sigh*

35. What was your favorite film of this year?
I think you know.

36. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I went to class and went to dinner with my family, and I turned 20. (My dad turned... 48?)

37. Where did you go on vacation?
Kauai, Outer Banks, Wisconsin and Indiana if you count drum corps events.

38. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?
Be more me, and buy some nicer clothes for dressing up. I think it worked.

39. What kept you sane?
Not much, really. And I don't know if I qualify as sane.

40. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Haha, "fancy". Oh, probably Lee Pace, what the hell.

41. What political issue stirred you the most?
The election, the issues with the Olympics in China, and Project Chanology.

42. Did you have to go to the hospital?

43. How many concerts did you see in 2008?
Pfft, no idea. I don't really go to "concerts" per se, but I see a lot of musical performances.

44. Did you have a favorite concert in 2008?
Drum Corps finals?

45. Who was the best new person you met?
Hmm, maybe my Hawaii Islander Exchange friends.

46. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
Who didn't? But you make mistakes so you can learn, so it isn't a total waste or shame. (That is, unless you don't learn.)

47. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2008?
Pissing off band senior over something really stupid; I'm sorry I did something that pissed him off but I'm not exactly sorry about doing it in the first place. (It's a complicated situation, but things smoothed over.)

48. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
We only have a limited amount of time, so do your best with it. Never sleep in as often as you want to. And don't be afraid of death itself, because you'll feel about the same as what you remember from before you were born.

49. What are your plans for 2009?
Write more, think more, waste less time. Get in shape and do well with Troopers. (Meaning, no pussing out.) Live my life as who I am and don't let other people get me down about it when they have no room to talk (or even, sometimes, when they do).

50. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:

Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans
Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans
Well, roll my breakfast 'cause I'm a hungry man

I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
Well, you never do nothin' to save your doggone soul

Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice
Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice
You look so warm, but your heart is cold as ice


I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store
I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store
I can look at you, tell you don't love me no more

I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know
I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know
The more I work, the faster my money goes


Shake, Rattle And Roll
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Well, here we are at the last day of 2008. And what a year it was. This was the year I took a break for myself and sat down to figure things out; school, job, me, all that jazz. I suppose I should do a year in review thing.

2008 )

So later I can write about what I want for 2009. I grew in 2008, a lot. 2008 had a lot of downs, but a lot of adventure... And most importantly, I feel like I know who I am. (I spent too much money but I was indulging to relax as well as for Indiana Jones stuff; I'm not sorry but I will have to start watching my budget more.) I've kind of turned into a little bit of a jerk but I've caught it and I want to work on it for next year; and just within the past week or so I've finally been able to let some things go. I didn't write about them at all yet, but I can finally let go of one weight and forgive someone else.

It feels really good to start a new year that way.

Yeah, sorry, no Christmas stuff (again), I'm running out of time!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! May 2009 be everything you want it to be, and more.
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So today is Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent. A time you're supposed to change and everything, right? I think I've been changing a lot in the past year or two, for good or for bad. And I think that while I spent a lot of time looking for what I am, I lost who I am. And over the past week I've somehow found it again. I can't really explain it, precisely, but I feel like my old self, just smarter. By old self I mean the person I was in high school (fuck, even late gradeschool), except, like I said, with added intelligence and experience as college brings.

So, honestly, with Lent you're supposed to give something up or try to better yourself in honor of God. And in light of this being Lent, and me not ever making my New Year's Resolutions post, and what I've relearned or reexperienced or remembered (tangent: can you just "member"?) in the past week, I think it's time to set some stuff down in stone (as it were). It feels dishonest to try to figure things out when what I'm figuring out clearly isn't what I used to think and to still define myself by what I was before.

Somehow in the past two years I got wrapped up in trying to find what I lost, that feeling of excitement of discovery and adventure (I suppose), and in the meantime I managed to let it slip through my fingers completely. I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but I've felt it a hundred times; since I got back this summer (which was an amazing experience), I've felt not myself. Utterly moreso than was "normal". I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but I do think I need to step up and redefine things.

Roughly Junior and Senior year of high school I figured out that I really, honestly, don't have a problem believing in God. For a while, thinking about "what is Heaven" really got to me and I was afraid I was losing my religion. I am still comfortable with there being a God, it's just a little more complicated. However, that comes later in the story. I'm not really sure how the change happened. Was it watching Pirates for the first time that about the same time Pastafarianism came around, and Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed pirate-ing it up and poking fun at things? I don't know. I really don't; I'm not a Pastafarian and although I can't take the creation story literally, I don't completely disrespect people's faith. I guess it's all a bit difficult to explain, so bear with me. I promise I'll get all the points down before I hit "post." ;)

I don't believe things literally that aren't founded and backed and everything, but I'm not saying they're not true. There just isn't any proof (enough for me) that one religion is exclusively 100% true while the others are "pagan" and 100% false. (I don't even think that's the right way to think about it, but I think most people are raised to because they take religion at face value and don't look at any deeper aspects.) However, I have a deep respect for the good they may do (this interestingly can be demonstrated in relation to Christianity and the "monkeysphere" idea which I find fascinating) and the truths they do hold. I guess it's more of a philosophical outlook but I am a logical being (meaning it's not how I've chosen to be, but what I am and have been), so there's nothing I can do about that.

I remember realizing a long time ago that, no matter what you believe, you're going to have to take something on faith. If you're religious then maybe it's that God created the world, if you're scientific maybe it's that the Big Bang happened and there's been enough chaos/random occurrences (as my stats professor says, most anything has a chance of happening at least once) to end up with that we have today. But through Catholicism I've learned that neither has to be mutually exclusive, which I suppose got me thinking; couldn't many religions be not mutually exclusive if we could look for their truths and not the "unimportant" (so to speak) details? I think that sort of thought came from my dad and from learning about Pope John Paul II. (Upon research, it's more the Second Vatican Council the statement came from, but JP2 definitely worked for peace and religioius understanding which is why I associate it with him.) Basically, the Vatican II statement was made that the final goal of all people is to return to God so religions that share that goal are respected in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The official statement (according to the great source, wikipedia) is, "the Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions. She regards with sincere reverence those ways of conduct and of life, those precepts and teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men." Basically the church said, yeah, we don't agree with you on the details but you have some truths. Which I guess struck me really strongly and I agreed with, until I realized that there were some details of the Catholic Church I didn't agree with, either. I think things like birth control are topics that a lot of Catholics may not agree with the church on, but they just sort of ignore it blaming it on the church's old-fashioned-ness and hierarchical nature, or they ignore it because they don't really care. (I know too many people who are just going through the motions.) Actually it kind of scared me when I was younger; would standing up and disagreeing saying, "no, I definitely don't agree with you on that" get me kicked out of the Church? (Not the church, but the Church.) Just because I was applying my beliefs to my actions, would I be punished, while people who agreed with me and chose to go through the motions be perfectly okay? I never really got an answer on that but I'm under the understanding that it takes a whole heckuva lot to get yourself kicked out of the Catholic Church. What they say is that as long as you hold the same beliefs, you are a Catholic, for ever and ever and ever, even if you stop going to church. In the sense that, should you stop going to mass and die and get to Heaven and God says, "why did you stop going to Church? It's important for these reasons" and you udnerstand him, you can be sorry for what you did and be forgiven and you not going to mass doesn't mean you're now non-Catholic pagan who's going straight to hell. (This is getting really complicated. But honestly, the Catholic Church is really complicated and I'm only providing a detailed explanation because what you say makes more sense if you can back it up.) ANYHOW. I don't know if I became famous (I'm reminded of the John Kerry incident here) if I would have to keep my mouth shut or what in order to still remain "Catholic," but until they actually kick me out of the Church (which I don't think they ended up doing to Kerry) I'll keep saying I'm Catholic because that's what they educated me with.

It's not 100% Catholicism anymore, though, but I couldn't say what it is. I believe that abortions are bad and cruel and inhumane, but I also believe that I have no right to choose what someone else does with their body. I trust in science but I don't not believe in God, in fact I still pray (though not much in the traditional sense, I suppose, more of an open thought-dialogue), and I don't believe that whatever God there may be is necessarily the Christian one. I suppose it's some sort of agnosticism, but I don't like applying that term because people assume the meaning of atheist and it's difficult to get a dialogue going. (Perhaps it seems conniving or political to continue to call myself Catholic rather than agnostic? Perhaps, but I maintain that it's the truth, and the need for clarification and honesty is what's prompting me to explain all this. I'm not trying to hide anything.) The only big thing I can think of at the moment that I have a problem with is going to mass. It does nothing for me except take an hour out of my day and give me time to enjoy some singing. I try time and time again to get something out of it, but really it's not worth anything to me. What I've learned from the Bible I've learned in school, and I learned it a lot better.

Haha, shit, I never got to the part about my dad. My dad goes to mass regularly, but the most I've heard him say about his beliefs in relation to creating and living in a good, peaceful world is that Jesus came and said, you know, the little details don't really matter as much as you think they do (like the pork rules or what constituted activity on the day of rest, which sociologically were good rules but got taken to religious extremes because they were put under the umbrella of religion but OMG now we're getting into the complicated matters of history and anthropology), can't we all just be nice to eachother? And I honestly think people worry too much about the details (which I suppose is ironic coming from the mouth of someone who plans and worries over the details of everything else) and forget to try to be nice to eachother.

Anthropologically our brains use labels so we can learn, so everything isn't new. For example if you stick your hand in the fire you learn it's hot, and our brains work to assume that all fire is hot. However this works against us, sometimes, such as stereotype profiling. A stereotype may be perfectly correct but it does not mean that it's right nor that the person you're applying it to is definitively within that stereotype.

Ohmygod this is going to be the longest post ever.

I suppose it all seems to be a rather bold statement when it's all condensed like this, but this is about eight years of education and philosophy and learning-about-religions-and-their-beliefs that has got me here. A lot of faith and a lot of science, as well. I don't know, is this starting to make logical sense to you guys? Have I skipped some crucial piece along the way? Hm. Anyhow, that's what I believe, in a nutshell of sorts. There's a lot more to it that relates to the sort of person I am, which is where I'm going with this out of the need to know who I am. Er, perhaps define rather than "know." I know who I am, you just go through life trying to define it so others can understand it.

I don't believe in hypocrisy. I believe in looking at who you are and what you are to find the truth, and where there is hypocrisy there isn't truth. However I believe you are prefectly justified in changing your mind because you learned something. At the same time that I don't believe in hypocrisy, I believe that you can have different attitudes with different people as long as they don't contradict. For example; I can be rowdy with my friends and curse up a storm because curse words mean nothing to me, they don't hurt me in any way. But I can turn around and not curse in front of my family, because I know that they would find it offensive and I respect their views on that, so I don't curse around them. Is that hypocritical? I don't think so. It's different, but different doesn't necessarily mean it has to disagree.

I think that's a big problem in today's world is that people automatically assume that different is wrong, and I've spent my whole life (seriously, I had some interesting experiences in gradeschool) trying to show other people that that's wrong.

WHICH brings me back to whatever my Lenten promise is going to be. Yes, I suppose it's a bit "going through the motions" but I'm doing it consciously (I'm not trying to fake that I'm a 100% Catholic) and I'm not really doing it for the sake of being Lent so much as finally inspired for this year.

My it is, is to be true to who I am. I've felt so lost and so mellow for so long that I can't stand it anymore. Yeah, maybe I'm wrong about what I believe, but I can't sit back anymore and say, well, maybe I'm this. I have to take a stand, and if I need to learn that I was wrong I am more than willing to say it. I need to be free from being afraid. This year, I decided, is going to be about changing what I need to change to be myself. It's one reason I'm in Hawaii; to get away from what was stifling me, namely trying to be the person everyone knew I was and engineering.

Honestly, I love designing, but that much engineering is crushing my soul.

So, in the past week, I decided. I'm going to speak up for what I am now, because I know. For the past few years I've been nervous when I'm alone, not because I hate being alone (quite the opposite really, there's some good gradeschool stories for that, too), but what I realized the other day is because I can't stand people judging me. When you're alone people assume you're a loser or a loner and that's not the case, but somehow the fact that realizing outright why sitting alone in a crowded lunch room was uncomfortable has given me some sort of freedom to see how ignorant other people can be and to not give a flying fuck. It's a slow battle to be won, but I'm sure I'll slowly be getting better at it. It's the sort of New Years Resolutions things I have to do; I have to break out of my comfort zone and stop being afraid. I'm not even exactly sure what I'm afraid of, but I've always tried to slip by unnoticed so I wouldn't be judged. I think this stems from the fact that I've been subject to so much judgement-with-disrespect (see: teasing) about certain things that I've done whatever I can to avoid it. But this sort of awakening I think has shown me that it really is much more localized than I thought and that I need to be me more than I have been.

However, this brings up a lot of issues about egotism. Apparently (as I learned today in ceramics during our Marianist culture lecture), one of the worst sins in the Catholic Church is to hold yourself above someone else. Which I agree with, yet at the same time I don't. Have you ever read The Fountainhead? That's where this question first started bothering me. Yes, you shouldn't hold yourself above someone else for the sake of bringing them down. But if you don't have teachers who admit they are better than their students, how will the students ever learn? Along the lines of Socratic knowledge, you have to have an ego enough to know who you are. Maybe some people don't have to know who they are, exactly, they're content with being a product of marketing and blasé design. But I know that I have to know who I am, and I firmly believe the world would be a much better place if people started thinking for themselves, really studying their actions and thoughts. I wonder if it's like the difference between introverts and extroverts; I am so introverted that I cannot possibly understand how extroverts get by without so many worries; it frustrates me that I can't comprehend it. Is it the same that there are people with no need to define themselves? I don't think so, but it would be interesting (though probably upsetting) to be proven wrong.

Which all leads to my new resolve. Upon rediscovering, recovering, whatevering what I need to be to live, really live, I have to bend to my ego more. Which is a very precarious situation. It seems as though if I want to be me, I have be an asshole. Self-centered survival of the fittest and all that jazz. So the question is, do I be an asshole, or is there really any benefit I'm getting out of being mellow to everyone? I don't think there is, anymore. I just think I need to be more open with people and be willing to explain the way I define things socially. Yeah, it's difficult to change the way people think and interact but I think if I'm going to survive it's going to have to be done. I have always, ALWAYS been able to respect and care for people while at the same time being annoyed by them or disliking so many of their actions. I don't know why I've been that way, I just know that I have. And because of that, I feel bad talking about someone behind their back when I need to vent. That and a sense of honesty (and hate for hypocrisy) have led me to this social design; people need to start respecting eachother, even when they're angry. We need to be able to tell someone what they've been doing is wrong or annoying and not have people get angry, but rather accept that they COULD be wrong and look into it. If it really is such a big deal, then people can stop hanging out but it doesn't involve all this pointless and idiotic drama that happens in today's world.

Uh, from now on this means I'm going to cally you on being an idiot. ;P But understand I don't mean it on a name-calling level, but on a "here's a weak spot" way to better yourself. And I mean, feel free to call me on those, too. I'll generally go about it in the same (if a bit more confident) polite manner, I'm not out to make enemies or anything.

SO! With all this self discovery, what about New Year's Resolutions and Lent observation? I'm going to exercise more, to stay healthy. I'm going to try to break out of my scared-barrier, and do things I would normally being uncomfortable with. (I got up and went to the Surf Club meeting today, and I want to learn to skateboard this summer. I want to give blood finally, too. I haven't decided if going with my roommies to a club is something I'm afraid of, or if it's just something that's really not me. The latter seems more likely, as I don't dance in the conventional sense [and by that I mean grind] and don't drink. So it's doubtful unless it's a club where people are not only prone to dancing but having intelligent discussions as well.)

AND! I'm going to begin the LJ Audit 2008. =D I will inaugurate it with a new icon, if I can find someone to make it (feel free to make suggestions). As a part of that I will go through and comment on or edit where necessary all my older posts. I will organize my tags and my userinfo as well. Speaking of, feel free to suggest the longest meme-quizzes you know! I'd like to make a "Who am I?" sort of post I can link to for my userinfo, so the more questions there are, the better.

I think it's good to see I'm on the right track for getting away from what I was. Just coming to Hawaii I'd already changed my userinfo and journal subheading. And also trying to write more this year, I think this is a good starting point, seeing as I have a WHOLE ASSLOAD of more everyday stuff that's been piling up that I need to write about. I think my writing is more philosophical than creative--stories just don't come to me so much as objects do. I am a spatial thinker, I think that's part of it. So if anyone has lots of plot bunnies and is not a good putting-them-together person? I'm your man. =D

I think there's something to be said for the Aloha spirit. As my ceramics prof was talking about today, people here (both Chaminade and Hawaii) look at diversity as a good thing, a learning opportunity and a chance to broaden your opinions. People in Dayton (just UD, I don't know) are very nice, I mean there is a strong sense of community. But there is something different here--to me it is most definitely the Aloha spirit--that you can't understand unless you've been here. And I think the world would benefit to learn from it; it's sort of how I've lived my life already (what with the respecting everyone and whatnot).

Yeah, things get complicated and there are a million more details I could write to fill in the cracks. But I think I've done a good enough job for now so feel free to leave me meme-quizzes and icon-maker suggestions if you have any. =^n.n^=

Thoughts and questions and comments are always accepted as well, of course.

OH! Also in honor of all the resurgence of good feelings and whatever, this might as well be my anthem (I felt good listening to it again):

Ironically enough I think they may be a Christian rock band

[EDIT] Here's the lyrics if you're curious )
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Happy New Year! And happy eighth day of Christmas, and happy year of Indiana Jones! This is the year of the Rat (ish... it doesn't technically start until February 7th), and many "International Year of"s including potato. So, there you go. Also, it is a leap year, there will be summer olympics, and I will actually have to pay attention to politics (blech) so I can vote for president. (woo!)

So today for New Year's we had a much smaller-than-usual family get together, which was good because it is a lot of stress on Grandma. But, it's sort of her own undoing because she insists on cooking EVERYTHING. But since it's us and my grandparents and my cousins we also exchange Christmas gifts. Laura and I now have a PS2, two guitar controllers, Guitar Hero III, and DDR SuperNOVA2 with one pad. (The DDR music sucks. I am sad. But it's still fun! =D Yay) Also grandma got me a bunch of stuff from my wishlist... except she got it from my Amazon wishlist, and not my christmas list. So all the stuff I wanted so I could have it in Hawaii to listen to and read? ...Yeah. I didn't get any of it. And I was so excited for it, too! Bah. Well, this means I must run to the bookstore and the like. Also we have to buy a memory card for the Playstation *sigh* and I have to see if I can find a used copy of GH II, because it has a better music selection. And Trogdor.

Max and Kyle really like their travel bags, which was good. Good for both college and traveling. I can't believe Kyle's going to Argentina for a year! That's nuts.

At dinner Grandma had Petit Fours that said "PEACE/JOY/HAPPINESS" so we rearragned the letters to say weird things like "CHEAP/JOSE/PA PINEYS" and "CHEAP/JOSE/PAY PENIS". Yeah. =P We're weird. I still feel so bummed for Grandpa, though. He's just so slow... and Grandma talks so much that Grandpa can't respond fast enough. Part of that is that he's always been quieter and she talks for him. But... I still get sad. At least he's working out more now, which is good. But I don't know if he'll get his mental agility back. Mom got him a sudoku book, so maybe that would help. *sigh*

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night as well as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The former is good, the latter is undestandably a failure. Awesome Nautilus, awesome costumes, good actors... very bad plotline and storytelling. Just do not waste your time, unless you need some steampunk inspiration. That's about all it's good for.

I think I will let my resolutions wait until tomorrow again. Though DDR means it will be easier for me to get exercise! Now just to find not-shitty DDR songs. =/ (Seriously, there are like three techno songs on there. The rest are slightly-changed pop songs, and they SUCK. A LOT.) You know what, though? The pad is non-slip. Yay! Which means no ductaping. Hooraaaaay!

Anyway... yeah. =/ Life is interesting.

On the eighth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--Aqua/Indy techno,

bearded singing nuns,
tiny kittens miaowing,
Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry!

=D So, I came across that song the other day reading a forum post about "songs related to Indiana Jones." It sort of is, and though I hate Barbie Girl, I'm a sucker for techno. =)

Crap. I know I'll have more to post tomorrow. My brain's not working, I don't think... =/
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I think it only appropriate that the year of James Bond should usher in the year of Indiana Jones. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is what you need to know:

1) Bond is 007. If you didn't know this we have some movies we need to watch.
2) Indiana Jones IV comes out in 2008, after waiting 19 years.
3) It was designed so that James Bond would, in a sense, be Indiana Jones' father.

As for 2008... hmm. I want to be healthier, and I want to step out of my comfort zones in good ways. I want to be adventurous in Hawaii, and I don't want to let the fact that I'm paranoid and shy get in the way of the step I'm taking.

But I can talk more tomorrow about resolutions and things. =)

For now I want to say happy seventh day of Christmas! Since New Year's Eve is kind of a holiday where midnight and the day turnover actually matters, I thought I'd put some slight effort into putting the post before midnight, not just before I went to bed. You don't get the whole Christmas thing for now because I'm getting ready to watch the crystal ball drop with my kitties. (That's right, I'm home alone with the cats. I really couldn't work it up to go hang out with good friends while they got drunk, nor to just hang out with one guy. While he's nice and an awesome guy and everything, we just have no ability to hang out together and not be awkwardly silent. =/ Anyway, I'm not sad. I got Taco Bell, and I got movies, and I have sparkling grape juice, and music, and my kitties, whom I will miss dearly next semester.)

Sooo... seventh day of Christmas... you get some wacky, bearded, singing nuns! The Hallelujah Chorus. I frickin' love singing this song.

And I'm stealing my toast straight from Neil Gaiman, because I think it's beautiful, and entirely true, at least if I had said the words they'd be what I said, but put more eloquently than I ever could.

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't to forget make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."


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