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regarding my journaling voice--

then again, I usually channel a bit of the voice of whatever I've been involved in (somewhat deeply) most recently. Which I'd say more of late has been internet-y type stuff like the normal LJ, some tumblr, a small tish of reddit. And of course memes abound, and I've noticed since 2008 that my writing has taken on a lot more meme style, which I'd say is what I sort of equate to the Archer style I mentioned, except that also has a lot of intentionally over-the-top emotion. Which I'd say is more a drum corps thing for me? But that's become a part of me, since 2007 and definitely reinforced since 2009.

It usually only happens when I get very involved in something-- like when I read all the Hitchhiker's Guide books, my voice took on a bit of Adams. (Not recently, I think pre-my-regular-blogging-days.) More recently when I watched a bunch of Sherlock, or Firefly. A lot of stuff that happened in the past that's become a part of my natural vocabulary that I can't avoid and sometimes completely forget about-- Homestar Runner, Ace Ventura and winter percussion jokes, all the random Doctor Evil things that slip in there.

An aside, I also find it interesting that the voice I write with is not often the voice I speak with. I am much more quiet in person (when I am not comfortable enough to be loud), and a lot of things I self-censor out of habit. Then again, I've noticed myself slipping more here and there, for example, the fact that my parents don't seem to be too upset about an f-bomb here or there, although I still cut back a lot from my daily usage. (We all have Cee Lo Green to thank for the progress on that front.) And some things are such an accident that they take me by surprise, which I can only attribute to my theory on aging; which is that I am very perceptive to age and relative positions of authority, and it's so much ingrained that I am nearly six years out of high school and friends with old teachers whom I cannot call by their first names, or at least, it still feels uncomfortable to do so. It's detrimental in that I assume people in classes above me (and usually my own grade level) are all older than me, and in grades below, younger. Although in the past few years I've realized classes below me are often my own age, and in odd situations like my age-out year, I'm actually the oldest. That was a weird but ultimately freeing experience. BUT! Back to my point-- sometimes something is ingrained enough in my internal monologue voice that it slips into the everyday regardless of my social position, which I attribute to two things: 1) my continued blogging and internetting for so many years and the development and strengthening of that voice, which I am proud of, and 2) as I've come into more experiences where I am older or more knowledgeable I've gained confidence in my own abilities (like working the holiday job? Very yes) and let down my guard somewhat, in regards to social situations. Which is good in that I am happier, more confident in myself, and put more trust in my skills. But the down side is that I'm also more risky, more likely to slip up-- like the fact that I apparently scare my classmates with all my swearing (although they seem more entertained than actually offended, I just don't want to cause any actual problems).
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Seriously... I am a huge dork. I've been geeking out in concrete lab because it's... concrete. Lol. It doesn't help that this amazing house went up for sale on ebay and I really want to own it. Seriously, just look at the pictures. I would totally turn it into my Dr. Evil/Tony Stark lair. DORK

Yeeaaaaaaaah. Concrete is awesome.

So this is cool, you can vote to name node 3 of the ISS, and you should totally vote for Serenity. It's winning by a landslide and I'm really not surprised. (Although I'm actually surprised some other huge space fandom hasn't picked up on it and tried to name it something else, although I could be wrong since they don't show the votes for the top suggestions.)

Okay so I didn't realize the Harry Potter themepark was not going to be a separate park. That's more understandable. Although the other article mentioned the other "island' themes, and they sounded a little more interesting. I think my grandma wants to take us down there, though, so maybe I can get a Disney+Universal trip out of her.

OMG CHECK THIS OUT I doubt it's actually Atlantis but it looks like it could be something. So cool.

Shia saves a snake. Appropriate, I daresay.

Things I learned from the Oscars this year: DUDE NO ONE TOLD ME ROY SCHNEIDER DIED. Jaws was so good! (And fie on those who have never seen it.) By the way, did anyone watch the Oscars? Damn they were good this year. Jackman is a great host, Tina Fey and Steve Martin were hilarious, I liked all the stage settings for the first half, and Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix was ridiculous. ("You look like you work at a Hasidic meth lab.") So good, so good. Second half, kinda blah, though. Too much Slumdog stuff... Meh. The speech from the writer of Milk was AMAZING though, HOLY CRAP. Oh and Ledger, won, yay! :D

Oh, here's something else the screenwriter for Milk wrote about it. His message is so good... and so true.

Yep yep, so. Back later with more, I'm sure.
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So I think my mom just woke up last week and decided that she was going to buy a house. That simple. I thought she was just kind of looking, thinking since Laura's starting school and I'm going to be a junior (!) that they're going to downsize. Mom's ready to get rid of junk and dad is tired of yard work. (In which case, I don't know why they don't pay Max to come over and do it, or someone else to... Bleh.) And when I texted dad Tuesday about trivia night, he said they were over in Oakwood looking at five different houses, and when I asked why, he simply said "mom". So I figured it was one of those "we're just humoring her and she's just looking" sort of deals, because honestly she's only been going on about it for a week. Or less. I was joking last night that she was just playing Monopoly, and quite honestly, it is weird. She was talking about buying the house they were looking at and just slowly downsizing and moving in, and... I dunno, that's kind of weird to me. What do you do with two houses? Which is why I made the Monopoly joke, becuase of the condo at Lake Loramie, too. (Only on lunch break today I realized we also still have Nana's old house that they're still renting out, which makes it even weirder.) She just made a joke about putting up a hotel when I mentioned it... It's all weird.

But tonight I'm leaving work early to meet up with her (after she's looked up some other houses) to go back and see the one she and dad saw and really liked on Tuesday. I dunno, I can't see them downsizing much. Smaller yard, yes, dad has been complaining about the yard for years. But let's see, we have an entire garage full of bikes, and yet another filled with instruments and tools and things. Mom doesn't have much downsizing to do, though, she's always been one to regularly go through and throw out. I think it's because of the way her dad brought her up, because he was super organized-clean, and they moved often enough that she regularly got rid of a whole bunch of stuff that still meant things to her.

All I know is, I'm not ready. I don't know if I ever would be, to be fair, but I'm not right now, especially not now. I didn't think they'd move until we were already moving out permanently, which we're not. Laura will be home in the summers, and I thought I would be too after the next few (corps otherwise). I have-- at least-- five years of college left, though the latter two will probably be out of the state of Ohio and I might have a job or co-op. I dunno. All of this just seems so ridiculously sudden, like now I am having to face things I've never really considered before. Never hanging out with people much because they've gone on with their lives and we'd all be out of school. Moving out of state? I never. ever. thought of it. I mean, I pictured working for Disney or COST or JPI or something, or doing my own weird architecture, but I always pictured coming home, even though I knew coming I wouldn't live there. I guess, I'm ready to move out, but not out of Ohio, not away from my friends, and I'm not ready for mom and dad to leave there either. What about summer parties? What about all their stuff? What about the fact that it seems like they're just finally getting comfortable? The door was refinished, the living room got redone, the kitchen got redone... I don't think Mom's addicted to having projects. But I mean, they built the back room, they just bought new furniture (albeit partly the cats' fault), we haven't had the treadmill long and Mom's getting a used elliptical. She still wants to paint my room and I still am trying to organize everything! Though to be honest my room isn't much more than an additional storage space anymore. I haven't spent significant amounts of time in there since before high school (and besides sleeping or cleaning or reading). Whereas Laura had friends over who hung out in her room or now James, so... yeah. I don't even think my friends have seen my room, because honestly fuckno-one wants to come out to Xenia, hell, past Xenia. *sigh*

I knew this year was going to be a big year. I'm just not sure it's good any more. Iknewit iknewit iknewit.


Happy Birthday Tesla! He was a pretty cool dude. (And his character in the Prestige is awesome, too.)

Last night mom wanted to watch Chocolat, so we did. I had plenty of "LOL Alfred Molina" moments, but it is still a very cute movie with a very good story. And they end it well, except for one thing; what happened to Serge? I felt so sorry for him. I mean, obviously, he had alcohol issues, but he was just a pawn for the Comte, and I get the impression he was an idiot, in the "mildly retarded" sense of meaning. Which then makes it so sad that the Comte sends him away, because Serge just thought he was doing what was right! I think the directors could maybe have at least thrown him in at the end with everyone else, you know? I think the audience would assume he's getting better, as opposed to just forgetting about him... So sad. =(

But here I am complaining about movies again! I'm a regular Joe Critic. So what's new what's new.

I've been having lots of pretty ____ dreams lately. It's weird. I wake up so tired I'm not sure I'm falling all the way asleep much, which is weird because I've been hitting the pillow preeeeetty hard lately.

Also, WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO??? D= It cannot be July 10th already, no no no.

Oh man, trivia night the other night, Austin Powers. Damn. I realized that I didn't see that movie until my freshman year at Carroll, because the first time I watched it was at band camp, and we didn't finish it! I don't know why I never really remembered that before, because I swear I was quoting Austin Powers around seventh grade and stuff. Maybe not. (Also, Evolution was the other movie we watched. ALSO HILARIOUS) Anyway, it all kind of explains why I quote it so much, I obviously latched on a little too hard to the whole high school thing. Apparently.

This is very creepy.

Also, the people bitching about Wall-E being fascist really need help.
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It's the sixth day of Christmas! Hooray! New Year's Eve Eve. Not much of a huge deal. Just saw Sweeney Todd, though! cut like a knife (spoiler warning) )

And now, after that stint into morbidity, it's the sixth day of Christmas, and I come bearing KITTENS!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my LJ gave to me--tiny kittens miaowing,

Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry!

Also, I watched Blues Brothers today, for the first time in a long while. That is a great movie. Noticed a lot of the same cameos as in Austin Powers, I'm guessing because they perchance happened to work with the same people on Saturday Night Live? Anyway, Spielberg and whoever played that US General were in both. (Funny, huh?) Also, I decided I probably should have gone to the Winter Dance my senior year as The Blues Brothers with someone, but the fact that I chose the superheros we did (Da Chicken characters) and NOT Indiana Jones already says something for the way I was thinking at that time, in regards to that; a.k.a. I don't think it would have happened. Also I forgot how many characters and pop culture references there were in the third one! Britney Spears! The Osbournes! Um... what's his face before he was a crazy Scientologist! John Travolta being creepy! Yeeeeah. *shudder* I also decided I need to pick up a smallish, black fedora, so that if I ever have the need for insta-Blues Brothers, I can.

[EDIT] Also, Elwood would make an awesome name for a Tuxedo Cat. Like the one I found outside today, you ask?! Well, not exactly. I wish. =/ Yeah, I know. I just happen to like Dan Akroyd better than John Belushi. Ghostbusters + Indiana Jones = Awesome. Bet you didn't know he was in Temple of Doom, did you? Eh, you probably don't care... But it will probably come up later on when I start posting INDIANA JONES TRIVIA! (I bet you're all wishing you'd never friended me right now. Eh? Eh?!) =P
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I love the austin powers movies more than sane people should. Y/Y?
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I'm in Lebanon testing txtLj! Golden Lamb was delicious. Dinner had fallopian tubes and "prey on the weakened." Edit to explain later =)

[THE EDIT] So, here's what happened. My family traditionally goes to The Golden Lamb Inn every year for Christmas dinner. We couldn't go at the date we had before because my sister had to work, so we went tonight. They got rid of the relish plate for some reason--but thank god! Pickle relish, nor corn relish, nor pickled watermelon rind have any sort of claim on my appetite. Yeuch. Well, we got there and they had "sea bass" on the menu, and all of a sudden I could hear a voice in my brain say "sea bass." Very monotone, a general guy's voice, no funny accents or anything. I new there was a visual that went with it but I couldn't think what, and the fact that I couldn't place any sort of accent on the 'sound bite' (as it were) were really throwing me off. I asked dad if it was involved in some Monty Python sketch I was forgetting, but that wasn't it. About halfway through our salads I FINALLY remembered it was from Austin Powers, when Number Two is telling Dr. Evil they couldn't get sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. =D I love those movies more than I probably should. (So right now I'm sort of doing a marathon, heeeee.) Well, I was right with the no accent part--Number Two is very monotone and whatnot. I also could only think of "agitated" and "angry" (the latter of which was in the title pre-edit) as the descriptors, but the movie puts them as "ill-tempered mutated sea bass." Well, I just like "ill-tempered" so that's what it shall be.

Then we were talking biology and fun stuff like balance and stuff, and Laura accidentally said "fallopian tubes" instead of "eustacian tubes." It was a good laugh. Later in the evening we were back to talking about Laura and school and college and stuff, and Grandma was kind of upset to hear about all the partying and stuff (we were joking about beer bongs, with dad, and directed at Grandma I believe... Laura was saying something sarcastic about getting her a bong to finish her coffee so we could leave, I think) and said, well, that's why you should go to UD. And mom and dad and Laura and I kind of laughed because, yeah, we all know. UD is a party school, face it. Even if it's a good Catholic Marianist college that will give you a good education. People still get drunk three nights a week. =/ Anyway, Laura responded sarcastically (as is her standard), "right, so I can pray on the weekends." And I'm not exactly sure how dad got there? We always make fun of Laura about being flirtatious with boys and stuff but he just commented on it as "prey on the weakened" and I had a good laugh.

And we found out James (Butler, her boyfriend) appreciates dad's humor, though Max and Kyle do not. So, he gets cool points in my book. =P (Man, when was the last time I mentioned cool points?!)

I'm kind of sad you can only do 160 characters with txtLJ--but at least it works! Now I know that I can pull off my resolution to post every day, if I decide to do that, and I would happen to not be able to post from a computer for a day. Whee!

Can you believe it's the 29th of December?! Where has '007 gone?!

So for the fifth day of Christmas I will post a FANTASTIC video I happened across by chance today. Someone gave Miss Shoup (my gradeschool music teacher, for anyone who doesn't know, which I think is most of you) a video of TSO's music that they had made. (Um, meaning, the one TSO had made.) Well, it looked dumb at first but then it involved TWO ADORABLE LITTLE KITTENS. AWWW <3 My dad and I were both just doing stuff at our computer and he said, "hey, that sounds like the guy that did Phantom." And I was thinking, what? A guy sang in Phantom Regiment? I had no idea what he was talking about and was thoroughly confused. AND THEN I LOOKED UP AND SAW MICHAEL CRAWFORD AND IT MADE MY DAY.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--CHRISTMASYYY MIIICHAEEEL CRAWFOOOOOORD!

(Or that could be "TSO Michael Crawford," too.)

Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry.

and then I found out Harrison Ford did or does pot occasionally and it made me very sad


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